Why Online Casinos Are Going Exclusively Mobile

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Have you begun to notice that many casinos are offering online casino games primarily for mobile gaming and other forms of gaming are secondary? This is the exact opposite of what gaming was like even five years ago. Online gaming is exploding to the point where most online casinos are focusing on mobile gaming almost exclusively. Today, we will explore why most online casinos are going completely mobile.

People Are Ditching PCs

How many of you reading this article still use a PC regularly? Many of you are reading this on a mobile phone or tablet and may not even own a PC. That has been the trend of many users over the last few years. The PC market has taken a major hit as mobile devices continue to allow users to conduct PC tasks on them.

Slow Computer

Many tablets coming out now are effectively mini-computers, complete with separate keyboard units. If you use your tablet like a computer, why bother with a big bulky PC. Laptops are still very popular but even those are losing market share to the tablet market as many tablets can do everything that a laptop can, and more.

Operating Systems Are Focusing on Cross-Platform Compatibility

Did you know that Microsoft recently made an announcement that Windows 11 is about hit the market? Yes, that means that you will have yet another upgrade to your operating system. However, Windows 11 will reportedly work on any device, both PC and mobile.

Operating systems are being developed to be cross-platform, similar to how Android and iOS will work on both tablets and mobile devices. Since operating systems are becoming cross-platform, cross-platform online casinos have no reason to continue developing games for outdated operating systems. The number of people on older versions of Windows will slowly phase out to the point where they will not be enough of a consumer base to worry about.

HTML 5 for Online Casinos

It’s no secret that nearly all newer online casino sites are programmed in HTML 5. This allows for mobile optimization across multiple platforms. As such, online casino gaming companies have to program their games to be compatible.

Online Casinos Html 5

It would be silly to program your game in Flash when the casino operates in HTML 5. Considering that Chrome no longer supports Flash, it makes no sense to program in that any longer. HTML 5 is now the standard and companies are falling into line.

Over Half of All Online Gaming is Done on Mobile

Approximately half of all mobile devices in the world are used to play games. For those that are classified as “gamers,” up to 88.9% of them are playing mobile games. When looking at online casino games, well over half of those gambling online are doing so on mobile devices.

That number will continue to rise in the coming year, and companies are developing their programs to handle the demand. Mobile gaming was a small percentage of online gaming in 2011. Now, it is the primary focus of companies.

Cheaper to Develop Mobile Online Casinos

Do you remember the early days of online gaming? If an online casino offered mobile gambling, you had to download a separate app. Other times, you had to go to a separate website to access gambling. This incurred additional costs to casinos, which in many cases made mobile gaming cost-prohibitive.

Now, the market has grown to a size where PC gambling is beginning to become a bit cost-prohibitive. Instead of developing multiple platforms or websites, gambling companies are focusing exclusively on mobile gambling. This saves the companies money, which results in a higher profit margin. Soon, mobile or mobile-style gambling will be the only form available at online casinos.