Blackjack is by far one of the most played Casino games both Live Blackjack Online as well as in land based casinos due to the uncomplicated game play. It offers gamers the opportunity to play a game which incorporates high stakes and big thrills as it is relatively easy to understand.

Gamers are sure to be enthralled by this live version of the card game that most gamers around the world are familiar with, as it has many of the same rule variations one might find in playing at a land based casino and now can be played live on Sun Vegas Casinos.


Live Blackjack Game Play

Software developers and designers such as Microgaming are forever pushing the boundaries of incorporating the aspects of a live environment for the online live version of Blackjack.

Through live camera streaming by means of the internet, gamers can watch their cards being dealt to them by a live dealer who uses real cards as opposed to virtual versions. Another added privilege of Live Blackjack is the ability to play the games using real money.

Rules of Live Blackjack

In essence Blackjack is all about reaching as close to 21 as possible by totalling  the face value of all of your cards, without going bust (over 21). Live Blackjack follows the standard rules of Blackjack and dealers must stand on all hands of 17.

Cards are dealt from two standard 52-card decks. Cards are re-shuffled after each hand. A Blackjack means an automatic win. However, if the gamer and the Dealer make Blackjack at the same time, it is considered a draw and you push.

Payouts on European Blackjack are the same as on standard Blackjack, however gamers can make a special side bet.

An image of Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack Terms

Before playing Blackjack there are some terms players must be familiar with which will help in understanding the game better.

  • Stand: This is the default option, and means your hand remains as it is. You receive no further additional cards after standing, and must wait to see if the dealer can beat your score.
  • Hit: Receive one additional card from the deck. Used to increase your total score, and ideally to raise your total to 21, or as close as possible to it.
  • Double: Doubling is a one-off move that can be statistically favourable, depending on your first two cards. It involves doubling your wager, in return for being dealt one single additional card. After that you must stand, and the dealer takes their turn.
  • Split: If your first two cards have the same face value, you can split them – they become two separate hands, with a new second card dealt to each, and you play the new hands separately in accordance with all the usual rules.
  • Insurance: You may be able to choose Insurance as an option, if the Dealer’s shown card is an Ace. You pay an amount equal to half of your original bet, but if the Dealer’s hand is a Blackjack, you win the Insurance bet, and do not lose your original wager.
  • Fold: Draws no more move cards and removes the player from the game round.

Live Blackjack is meant to be more engaging and interactive than playing against the computer’s RNG (Random Number Generator).

With friendly and experienced dealers ready to guide you through the game Live Blackjack is designed to deliver hours of endless fun and winning streaks to online gamers when you play at a top online casino Australia.