Video Pokies Tournament Option Introduced by Quickspin

One of the best casino games software providers, Quickspin has joined forces with Competition Labs to introduce a new video pokies tournament option. The partnership is a result of driving player retention. All video pokies games will offer the new video pokies tournament feature in which AU players can take part in tournaments to win massive event-oriented rewards and prizes.

QuickSpin Slots Tournaments

About the Video Pokies Tournament Feature

The video pokies tournament feature will allow Aussie players to use unique game events to increase their points. Online casino operators will offer various competitions to help gamblers grow their points to end up the victor eventually. An example of how players can generate points is when a scatter symbol appears on the reels, or players win the game with a wild symbol. The online casino operator will offer players what they would like to see through providing them with a customisation option.

The video pokies tournaments can be followed in real-time, with progressive tracking and standings being presented on a leaderboard. This will be an in-game feature; meaning that integration or development work will not be required. The leaderboard will have a number of themes which will allow the casino operator to plan promotions according to what they offer.

Quickspin CEO Comments on the Video Pokies Tournament Option

The CEO of Quickspin, Daniel Lindberg, commented by saying they are proud to present the new tournament feature to players. This piles on the excitement with an added layer of interactivity among players. He further explained that the achievements races and engine underline the flair of the company for implementing gamification. He feels that the new video pokies tournament feature is an extension of their expertise.

QuickSpins introduces Video Pokies Tournament

About Quickspin

Quickspin is a casino games software provider that was established in 2011 and grew into a top developer ever since. They offer some of the best online casino real money gaming selection and various social online casino game titles. The company is licensed in several jurisdictions, including Australia and was acquired by Playtech in 2016.