Gambling Terms

Gambling terms will not only help novice players know what terms to use when playing their desired casino games online, but will also get them clued up on what the game is about. In this page, we have a look at some of the most used terms in Australian online gambling.

Gambling terms Australia

Online Casino Gambling Terms

A – B

Action: General gambling activities or total bets on a single or several hands
All-in: When playing poker, a player may wager their bankroll on a single bet
Advantage: Potential edge the gambler has over the online casino or the other way around.
Ante: The amount required from each gambler before cards are dealt. This ensures that there is money in the pot so there can be action from other gamblers in the game, to keep the game moving.
Autoplay: A player can choose for the casino online Australia to play an appointed number of spins on their behalf

Bankroll: The amount of cash a gambler prepares to use on placing their bet(s).
Betting Limit: Betting limits are the minimum and maximum amounts which can be placed on a single bet.
Beef: When there is a dispute over an outcome of a bet between the gambler and the casino or dealer or any questionable situation over a bet
Biased Wheels: When a roulette wheel gives some numbers a chance of hitting more than other numbers
Black Action: Betting with $100 chips
Bonus: Probably the best term to see and use. This is the amount of money that can be offered to gamblers by the online casino; there may be a requirement that needs fulfilling before using the bonus like signing up to the online casino

Gambling Term,s Chips Australia

C – F

Call: Matching a current bet
Catch: When a number that is marked on the gambler’s card is drawn in keno
Comp: When an online casino has promotional items on offer
Croupier: A roulette dealer

Deal: handing out playing cards during a game
Doubling: Effective when the gambler holds an advantage, this when a gambler increases their wager by a factor of two in blackjack
Doubling down: Also used in blackjack, when a gambler doubles an original bet, an additional card is then dealt out
Doubling up: Doubling a previously lost wager in hopes to win it back
Double or nothing: A bet that pays the exact amount wagered, also known as an even bet
Down card:  A card that is facing down

Expected win rate: In pokies, the percentage of the total wagers that can be expected to be won over time

Face card: Queen, King, and Jack cards of any suit
Fish: Newbies to the gambling scene
Flat top: A pokies machine which has a fixed jackpot as opposed to a progressive jackpot
Fruit machines: British slang for pokies

Gambling Terms - Croupier Australia
G – Q

George: A gambler who tips the croupiers often and generously
Gross Winnings: Full payout

Hand: A set of cards held by the player during a game
Hole Card: A card that is dealt facedown

Insurance: A bet offered by the dealer to the player in Blackjack when an ace is face-up, the player can choose to take the insurance or not

Jackpot: A cash prize that is accumulated until it is won
Juice: Commission earned by the casino, usually on losing bets

Kicker: A high-rank card that doesn’t support Flush or Straight

Loader: A careless dealer who shows the hole card while dealing
Load-Up: Maximum wager

Martingale: When the wager is doubled after a loss to balance the loss of previous hands
Moving the Line: To set the line in such a way that the action is spread on either side of a bet

Natural: Used in Baccarat and Blackjack, 8 or 8 in Baccarat and 21 in Blackjack Odds: Chances of winning
One-Armed Bandits: Pokies

Pass/Don’t Pass: After a line has been established by the come-out roll
Face cards
Press a Bet: Taking the winnings from a previous bet and placing them to the current bet

Quads: In Poker, four of a kind

Washing the cards gambling terms

S – W

Session: Time spent placing a bet
Soft Hand: A hand with an ace, can be scored as 11 or 1 in twenty-one

Washing the Cards: Mixing cards from more than one deck before shuffling
Whale: High-Roller Player

Wild Symbol: A symbol used in place of any other symbol in pokies

Gambling Terms – Conclusion

There are always new gambling terms coming up, we are certain that these will get you up to speed in the online gambling world. Have fun and remember to gamble responsibly. Check out our Gambling Laws page to help you stay on the legal side of things.