How to Play Super 21 Blackjack

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A variant of blackjack that you will see at many Australian online casinos is Super 21. The game is just like regular blackjack but has a few different rules and some different payouts. Today, you’ll learn how to play the game and some of the differences between Super 21 and standard blackjack.

How to Play Super 21 Blackjack

Super 21 is a variant of blackjack you’ll find at many online casinos in Australia. The game looks and plays just like your standard game of blackjack. For example, like most blackjack variants, a dealer will hit on a soft 17.

You can take insurance in this game. If the dealer has an ace showing, you can buy insurance. Insurance pays 2 to 1. There are a few different rules for this game compared to the traditional game. Let’s take a look at them.

Super 21 Blackjack Main Game

For starters, blackjack only pays even money in this game. Next, a player blackjack always wins, even if the dealer has blackjack or 21. Next, there are no special requirements on a double down. You can double down once at any point during a hand.

Splitting is a little different than some games. You can split any two cards of equal value, such as a pair or two face cards. However, this game will allow you to split multiple times where some games only allow a single split.

Super 21 Blackjack Split Twice

Next, this game allows you to surrender at any point during a hand. For example, if you hit and don’t like you hand total, you can opt to surrender over hitting or standing. When you surrender, half of your bet is returned to you.

Finally, if you happen to hit four times and don’t bust, you will win instantly. Any six-card hand that doesn’t bust is an automatic winner. The same applies to the dealer.

Super 21 has three bonus hands that you do not see in other blackjack games. Let’s take a look at those bonus hands.

Bonus Hands

There are three bonus hands in this game that pays 2 to 1. The first is a Diamond Blackjack. If you’re dealt the Ace and Jack of diamonds, you get 2 to 1 on your bet. This is the only blackjack that pays better than even money.

Super 21 Blackjack Loser

Next, if you make a five-card 21, you will receive 2 to 1 on your money. This pays even if the dealer happens to make the same hand. Finally, if you managed to make six-card 2, you’ll also get 2 to 1 on your money.

Note that these bonus hands only pay on the standard hand. You can’t double down after the fourth card and get a bonus payout. However, the bonus is available on any split hands as they count as regular hands of blackjack.

Super 21 Has House Edge Around 1.4%

If you’re using a good basic strategy for Super 21, you will find that the house edge for this game is right around 1.4%. That’s not quite as good as standard blackjack, but still quite low in comparison to other online casino games offered at online casinos. The primary reason for the slightly higher house edge is because that blackjacks only pay even money. Normally, the house edge would be a bit higher, but since players will always win with blackjack, it shaves off some of that extra edge.

Super 21 Blackjack Surrender

You will find Super 21 at House of Pokies, Woo Casino, and several other online casinos in Australia. Table stakes are offered from $1 up to $500 per bet, making it a great game for most bankrolls. If you’re looking for a fun variant of blackjack without a bloated house edge, then you should check out this game.