Choosing Android Casinos in Australia

Since being founded in 2003 Android has become one of the most popular Mobile operating systems in the market. With Android continuing to gain further popularity through devices such as Sony and Samsung which have become some of the best selling mobile devices, Android Casinos have followed suit and become some of the best Mobile Casinos.

Best Android Casinos Australia


AU$2000 Bonus

Min Deposit $20


AU$2000 Bonus -

AU$4000 Bonus

Min Deposit $10


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AU$1000 Bonus

Min Deposit $20


AU$1000 Bonus -
Planet 7 Casino

AU$4000 Bonus

Min Deposit $10


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Pokie Pop Casino

AU$5000 Bonus

Min Deposit $20


AU$5000 Bonus -

An Android Casino is a Mobile Casino which is designed to operate on Android’s software or operating system on mobile devices which include Smartphones and tablets. Android casinos utilize the full potential of Android-powered Smartphones to bring the best in mobile casino gambling on the go. Gamers can access the Android casino anywhere you have access to the Internet.

What makes Android one of the most powerful and popular operating systems in the mobile market is the fact that it powers a number of mobile devices such as HTC, Acer, Sony and LG as opposed to IOS which only powers Apple products such as the iPhone and the iPad.

Android Casinos also provide gamers with the option of playing their favourite Online Casinos games for real money. Gamers would have options to Video Slots, themed Android Slots as well as entertaining themed Slots to play from.

Due to the popularity of Android, online gamers will have access to all their favourite Casino games available on the desktop versions.  Table game classics like Baccarat, Blackjack, and Craps line up with Slot machines and Video Poker games, providing a full suite of casino options for Android casino customers.

Gamers can also play free Pokies on the Android Casinos such as Online Slots. These are often in demo mode and therefore they don’t require any wagering or an internet connection. Winnings are in the form of credits and not cash.


Advantages of Android Casinos

Android’s popularity and demand is owed largely due to the fact that it is able to design powerful applications that allow gamers to play their favourite Online games with cutting edge graphics.

Smartphones also have the ability to connect to the internet at incredible speeds. Gamers can connect to the internet via 3G and 4G connection. Android also makes it easier for gamers to download and install content as the system is very stable and bug free.

Mobile Casinos offer the same great Bonuses as their desktop counter-parts and gamers can enjoy great value by taking advantages of Mobile promotion and offers. These include Welcome Bonuses like Free Spins and Match Bonuses, however gamers must be aware that they would have open real money accounts in order to benefit from these bonuses.

Disadvantages of Android Casinos

Like with all mobile platforms, a small screen is the most prevalent disadvantage of Mobile gaming.

A small screen will always restrict the graphics of an online game. This is the main reason why the software of an online game will be less sophisticated then a desktop version.

Due to the fact that Android Online Casinos are emerging, gamers may be restricted in terms of online gaming options.

Android Security And Safety

The added benefit of Android Casinos is the fact that they are much-more safer then PC versions from activity such as hacking or cheating.

Despite the fact that mobile devices are susceptible to malicious malware due to the fact that they are not as well protected as PC versions however Android have ensured that their Slots are equipped with an extra level of privacy and security compared to the usual Australia online casino slots as they are not vulnerable to unauthorized activity like hacking or cheating.