2 Up Coin Toss Game – Only Legal One Day a Year

Aussies absolutely love the illegal, traditional game of 2 Up. Although, this game is considered to be illegal, there is one day of the year that Aussie gamblers can enjoy the game legally, and that is Anzac Day, the 25th of April.

2 Up Australian national game

All You Need to Know About 2 Up

2 Up is a simple game to learn. Here is how it works:

You will need two coins and a paddle. The person who tosses these coins in the air using the paddle is called the ‘spinner’. Players will then bet on whether the both coins will land heads up (obverse), both tails side up (reverse), or one heads and one tails (odds).

Due to the size and weight, as well as the surface area, pennies were originally used to play this game. Other coins were considered too light and small for the game, and thus not ideal to play 2 Up with.

The Birth of 2 Up

It is yet to be confirmed exactly as to where and when this game originated. However, it is thought to have evolved from the game of pitch and toss. Pitch and toss differed only slightly from 2 Up as only a single penny was used.

It was only in the 18th century that the game with two coins became popular thanks to the English and Irish working class. From here the transportation of migrants from Europe to Australia assisted its transition.

During the 19th century, the game became particularly popular during the gold rush. In World War I, Aussie soldiers referred to this game as “diggers”.

Even after their return from combat, the game continued. For this reason, the game is legalised on Anzac Day only, however it is considered illegal every other day.

2 Up Game

Like any other gambling game, 2 Up is known to have stories of success and loss. Mike Steward, a Betting strategist, claims that this game is far from flawless. He reminds us of how one player endured 16 losses in a row, to which he lost AU$69,000.

Alternatively, it is important to remember that this game has no house edge and thus your choice of the three options is simply in the hands of fate. Making the occurrence of losses just as likely as the occurrence of wins.

So, why not give this game a go next Anzac Day? Sun Vegas could be writing about your experience next!