5 Casino Games That Are Cheaper to Play Online

Online Casino Games Cheaper

The best argument for playing at Australian online casinos is that you will save money. Not only can you sign up for online casino bonuses, but you can also play at lower average stakes than live casino games.

However, there are several games that offer a much better house edge online than live. This allows you to win more over the long-term, or lose less. Either way, this saves you money compared to live casinos. Today, we look at casino games that are cheaper to play online.


Pokies are the most popular form of casino games played in the world. They are simple to play and players flock to them with the hopes of hitting a big win. However, online pokies offer a much better chance of winning than the live variant.

Live pokies have a Return to Player, aka RTP, ranging from 78% up to around 90% on average. Most games are somewhere in the 80s. However, online pokies have RTPs ranging from 94% on the low end all the way up to over 99%.

Most online pokies fall somewhere in the 95% range with better games in the 96% range. Higher RTPs are possible but are not easy to find. Regardless, you’ll have a much better shot of winning with online pokies.

Keno Casino Games

This lottery-style game is popular but is a horrible bet in live casinos. The house edge on this game can be as high as 50% at some casinos. On average, you can expect Keno to have a house edge from 10% up to 35%. Also, live Keno is much slower to play than online Keno.

Australian Online Keno Casino

Online Keno is a fast-paced game that has a house edge somewhere around 5% on average. You’ll usually see online Keno odds given as an RTP since online Keno is more akin to pokies than a standard lottery game. Regardless, an average 5% house edge is much better than 35%.

Big Six Casino Games

Many of us have downed a few bucks playing Big 6 or some variant of the game at live casinos. The house edge on this game is horrible, with the best edge being on a $1 bet at 11.11%. At worst, the edge is over 24%. Casinos lure people into these games by putting them in prominent places to catch your eye or they staff them with beautiful dealers.

The online version of the game is called many names such as Lucky Wheel, Wheel of Fortune, and others. On average, the house edge is just over 5% for this game. While higher than some online casino games, the house edge drops by over half.

Any Raked Poker Game

Online poker is enjoyed by players around the world and is remarkably cheaper to play than live poker. In live poker rooms, each pot is raked, meaning a portion of the pot is taken by the casino. This rake can either be a flat rate, such as $1 per pot, or a percentage. Often, it is a percentage.

Casino Poker vs Online Poker

Online poker tables rake at a significantly reduced rate compared to live poker. The same is also true for online poker tournaments. Many live tournaments charge a tournament fee and also take a portion of the prize pool for staff and dealers. Online poker tournaments take fees but they don’t take a portion of the prize pool because they don’t have the staff to pay.

Scratch Tickets

If you like to play scratch tickets, you will have much better odds of winning online. Scratch tickets are more of a lottery game live and have horrible RTPs. They range from 60% to around 80% depending on the game.

However, if you play scratch tickets at online casinos in Australia, you’re looking more at an RTP around 95%. A few games may have an RTP a little lower, but still much higher than live scratch tickets.