Bet365 Accused of Restricting Winning Accounts

Bet365 restricting winning accounts

Online gamblers often complain that casinos actively try and stop them from winning. Often, these are merely complaints from players that don’t understand house odds. Some are those that broke the terms and conditions at a casino. However, new allegations against Bet365 are coming from a completely different source.

According to various sources, a former employee is accusing the company of flagging accounts that win too often. These accounts then would either be prevented from winning over the long haul or blocked entirely.

Former Employee Claims Bet365 Flags Winners

ABC News broke a report leveling serious allegations against Bet365. James Poppleton is a former employee of the company. He told ABC News that winners are often flagged and prevented from winning over the long-term.

According to Poppleton, the system contains an algorithm that monitors a player’s account after a win. The algorithm then ensured that those winning players could not bet massive amounts. This allegedly was done to protect the casino from paying out against a big win.

Poppleton explained, “Your data tells them how many bets you’ve placed, what sport you’ve put it on, your average bet, your total turnover and your win or loss ratio to the company.”

It is not uncommon for online casinos to monitor the accounts of high rollers. They also monitor those that are winning massive amounts at online casinos. However, this is the first time that a casino monitored the play of every winner.

Imagine signing up to play some online pokies and then discover that the casino is working against you. It seems a bit ridiculous that the casino would monitor every winner. Especially since the majority of online casino players are long-term losers.

bet365 epic fail

Bet365 Refutes Claim

Naturally, Bet365 came out quickly to refute the claims against the company. The released a statement on the matter, explaining, “Online gambling operators, including Bet365, seek to manage their liabilities by restricting or refusing to accept bets/wagers from certain customers. A bet is a commercial arrangement between two willing parties and there is no statutory right to bet.

In the same way that a customer can decide whether or not they wish to place a bet, a gambling business is also free to decide who they accept bets from, and on what terms, to manage their business and financial liabilities, just as an insurance company may do when setting premiums.

Accordingly, any restrictions that Bet365 may place on customer accounts are fully compliant with both legislation and regulation, in accordance with published terms and conditions and impact a very small minority of customers.

Contrary to your suggestion, Bet365 does not consider it pioneered a risk-management process which has been evident in the land-based gambling sector and other sectors for decades.”

Claims Come After Company Director Receives £323 Million

What’s interesting about this claim is that the company’s director, Denise Coates, received the largest compensation package in history for a UK gambling company director. Coates took a salary of £277 million in 2019 and also received £92.5 million in stock dividend.

Justice for Punters founder Brian Chappell has spoken out against Bet365 and the recent scandal. He said that the company changed everything once they started offering online casino gambling.

According to Chappell, “What Bet365 were doing was a new business model, which was offers to entice people to join them and then to ban everybody who is any good at all.” He further supports claims from Poppleton. He states that Bet365 will identify successful online gamblers and either reduce the stakes at which they can bet, or blocks them entirely.

If these claims prove true, it could spell disaster for Bet365 as they are a well-known online casino company. For those in Australia looking for legitimate online casinos, check out our homepage. We have a list of online casinos such as Joka Room and Raging Bull Casino that have been certified as legitimate.