Blockchain Poker Offers Crypto Poker to Aussies

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Most of you are already aware that Bitcoin is on a bull run. It recently hit an all-time high before experiencing some volatility. However, this has not changed the appetite of Bitcoin gamblers, and especially Bitcoin online poker players.

Today, we are going to talk a bit about Blockchain Poker. It is an anonymous Bitcoin poker site that is open to players around the world, including those in Australia. If you play at Australian online casinos but miss online poker, consider giving Blockchain Poker a try.

Deposit Crypto or Play for Free

Blockchain Poker is a simple blockchain-powered online poker site. The site offers cash games, multi-table tournaments, and Sit & Go tournaments. You can play using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV).

The primary difference between this site and many other sites is that you can opt to play in games offered by the site, or you can create your own. Want to offer a tournament with deep stacks and 10-minute levels? You can create it. Want to play heads-up NL Hold’em with deep stacks? You can make a cash game for that as well.

Blockchain Poker Create Tables

To play at this site, you have three options. The first is to deposit BTC, BCH, or BSV and begin playing. The site also offers a crypto faucet that’s good for 50 satoshis. You can use those satoshis to play in any game on the site. However, you will not be able to make another faucet claim unless you lose your satoshis.

Your other option to play is through poker tournament freerolls. The site offers freerolls each hour that awards satoshis in BTC, BSV, or BCH to top finishers. The amounts are small with the winner winning about .01 worth of crypto. However, you can use the satoshis to play in other games.

Blockchain Poker Freeroll

When you get at least 100,000 satoshis in any crypto, you can cash out. BCH and BSV withdrawals are free. BTC withdrawals require a fee.

Why Play at Blockchain Poker?

Why should you play at Blockchain Poker over playing at fiat poker sites? Here are some of our top reasons you should give Blockchain Poker a try.

Anonymous Accounts – Blockchain Poker offers you the ability to sign up and play anonymously. You can create a username and password to easily retain your account, but you will never be required to pay to play.

Simple and Quick Design – The layout for the website is very minimalistic. You don’t have a lot of flash or bells and whistles that you see at many poker sites. The good part about this is that the website runs remarkably fast. If you have a slower or unreliable connection, this may be a good site to play at.

Blockchain Poker Cash Game

Low Cost – If you like to play low stakes poker, this site is perfect. Most games do not require you to risk more than a few pennies worth of crypto. Then you have plenty of freerolls that are free to enter and you only have to pay if you choose to reenter.

Great Way to Enter Crypto – Want to get some BTC, BCH, or BSV but don’t want to spend a ton of money. This is a way to win some crypto. Also, the low withdrawal rate of 100,000 satoshis makes it easy for solid players to win a little crypto. Personally, I’ve won a few bucks worth of BCH that I can use to try and run up or cash out and HODL.

Great Alternative for Australian Players

If you’re in Australia, you know that it’s almost impossible to find a legitimate online poker site to play at. Blockchain Poker is completely anonymous and does not restrict Aussie players. While the majority of games are low stakes, it is still a way to play online poker and work on your game. Who knows, you may win enough crypto to cash out and HODL while Bitcoin and other cryptos continue the current bull run.