What Is The Iron Cross Craps Betting System?

Iron Cross Betting System

We’ve recently discussed betting systems like the Martingale or the Paroli systems that apply to multiple online casino games. This week, we will discuss a strategy that’s exclusive to craps. The Iron Cross betting system is a popular system used by craps players at both live and online casinos. Let’s take a look at how the system works and whether it is a viable one.

What Is The Iron Cross Betting System

The Iron Cross betting system is a popular craps betting strategy where you’re betting on every number possible except for seven. This is done by making four bets at a time. You’ll bet on the 5, 6, 8, and the field. The field covers all numbers except for 5, 6, 8, and obviously 7.

With this system, you’re effectively betting every number on the field and hoping that someone doesn’t crap out. Now, before you bet, you should know how much to bet. The payouts for each bet will determine how much you’ll bet.

Field bets pay even money, except for 2 and 12. The two pays 2 to 1 while the 12 pays 3 to 1. For bets on 5, you’re paid 7-5. For bets on 6 or 8, you’re paid 7-6. With the field and bets on 5, you can bet in units of $5. For bets on 6 and 8, you should bet in units of $6. If you happen to have a craps table that has a $1 minimum, you can bet in units of $1 for 5 and the field, and $2 for 6 and 8.

You’ll make these bets after the point is established. If someone sets the point at 3, you can then place your Iron Cross bets. Let’s take a quick look at how this betting system works in practice.

Iron Cross in Action

After you determine how much you want to bet each round, you can make your bets. Let’s assume the point is set at 3 and you make $5 bets on 5 and the field while making S6 bets on 6 and 8. That means you’re risking $22 per roll of the dice. Keep in mind that every time you roll a 5, 6, or 8, the field bet loses. When the field bet wins, the other bets keep playing.

Let’s see how this plays out over several rolls.

Number Rolled

Winnings / Losses

Total Win


$7 (Lose $5 Field Bet)






$7 (Lose $5 Field Bet)









$7 (Lose $5 Field Bet)



$7 (Lose $5 Field Bet)











Advantages / Disadvantages of the System

The primary advantage of the Iron Cross system is that you will win money every time someone does not crap out. Over a prolonged hot streak, this can net you some nice profits. Anytime you catch a 2 or 12, you will get a nice bonus payout.

Also, you’re not required to let your bets ride once you place them. If you win three straight hands, you can pull your bets before the next roll without penalty.

The big downside is that the risk/reward ratio heavily favors the casino. In our example, you’re betting $22 per hand with the maximum you can win being $15. In many rolls, you will only get a $2 to $5 profit. If you lose two or three bets, you’re suddenly down $44 to $66. That’s going to be hard to recover playing this system.

Tempting System But It Can Lose Big

In our video above with Steve Haltom, he says that he’s seen people lose more money with this system than any other betting system. That’s because it lures you in with the promise of winning almost every hand. The problem is that your losses will generally quickly eat up your profits. This will blow through your bankroll and force you to deposit more frequently at Australian online casinos.

Many times, you’ll end up losing big with little chance of recovering it. We don’t recommend this system as the risk vs. reward is simply too high.