5 External Factors That Can Impact Online Gambling

External Factors Online Gambling

We can educate you on the best blackjack strategies, or which gambling systems to use, but that’s only part of the equation to improve your performance playing online casino games. There are also external factors that can impact your play. Today, we will go over some of the top external factors impacting online gambling performance and how to fix those problems.

Slow Computer

Gone are the days where real money online casinos work on the majority of computers. Web technology has advanced to the point where you must have an updated computer to properly handle the code at most Australian online casino sites.

Slow Computer

As such, if you are running on computer hardware that’s more than 5 years old, you may experience performance issues with some games. The speed of your games may slow down and you may experience freezing and other problems caused by inferior computer hardware. Chances are that you’re experiencing performance issues in other areas of your web surfing or computer use. If this is the case, it may be time to invest some money in an upgraded computer.

Slow Internet

Online casino games work best on fast broadband connections. If your internet connection is slow, then you will definitely have gaming issues. The most common issues are game freezes and delays. Online slot games generally complete a spin in a couple of seconds. If your spins are taking several seconds each to complete, that’s because your internet is slow in loading the game data.

This can also impact table game performance. For example, if you’re playing Live Dealer Blackjack, slow internet can cause hiccups in-game data and sometimes cause you to miss betting rounds. If your game is constantly swapping back from a full dealer display to a graphics display, then your connection is too slow.

The cause may be your ISP. For example, satellite internet will be slower than broadband carried over fiber. Your problem could be an older or faulty modem or router. Start with your equipment to see if there is an issue there and then address any potential ISP issues to improve your speed.

Faulty Mobile Equipment

Faulty mobile devices will definitely cause issues with gaming performance. A phone whose motherboard is beginning to go bad will cause problems with freezing and will likely constantly lock up the entire phone. Your phone may also overhead more often when you play online casino games. Faulty batteries can also cause heating problems and may damage mobile components.

Bad Mobile Phone

In almost all mobile problems, you will need a new device. It may be time to shop around for a replacement. Sites like eBay or Mercari will offer options for both new and used mobile devices that you can use to improve performance.

Your General Setup

Many people don’t consider their gaming setup as a cause of poor gaming performance. Your chair, keyboard, mouse, and even how your computer is orientated can impact your comfort and how you perform. We always recommend that you use ergonomic products for a PC setup. This will help reduce stress and pain and help you perform better.

How you orientate your computer can also make a difference. If your computer is set up where you have to hunch over it or look down to the screen, you are putting stress on your back, neck, and shoulders. Adjust your equipment a bit higher to allow for improved posture, which in turn will help you feel better while gaming.

Background Noise

Do you get easily distracted if there are other noises going on behind you? Can you study while someone is in the other room watching TV or listening to music? If so, you will likely be distracted when trying to gamble online if there is a lot of background noise.

There are a few things you can do to reduce this noise. First, you can play in an area where background noise is reduced. Next, you can choose to play during times of the day or night where you are going to have fewer distractions. Finally, consider investing in some noise-canceling headphones to eliminate background noise. Eliminating background noise will help you focus more on your online gambling, which should improve results.