Game of the Week – Electric Wilds

Electric Wilds Pokies Logo

Electric Wilds is a game that has begun electrifying Australian Online Casinos. The game has a simple concept and gives the promise of big wins. While I had hoped that this would be a fun classic pokie, it turned out being one of the most frustrating games that I’ve played in a while. Learn more about the game and whether you should spend your time playing it.

Electic Wilds a Classic 3-Reel Pokie With Simple Concept

Electric Wilds is the latest 3-Reel, 5 payline pokie from Northern Lights Gaming. The game looks like some offshoot of Frankenstein with the object looking to capture lightning to charge a robot. The symbols are pretty simplistic, consisting of Royals, energy gems, an android/robot, and the Electric Wild.

Electric Wilds Main Game

One thing I really like about this game is that you will win no less than double your stake whenever you land a winning combination. Winning combinations can come naturally or with the help of wilds. However, you don’t get wilds the standard way in this game. Let’s look at how you can score some Electric Wilds.

Lightning Overprint

Anytime you have a lightning overprint on the corner of a symbol, the corresponding position on a dot matrix display will light up. If you light up a line of symbols, you will get a shot at an Electric Wild. For every line lit up, a randomly selected symbol will be turned wild. Every instance of that symbol will be turned wild. If you have multiple lines, you will get multiple wilds.

If lightening overprints don’t form a line after a spin, there is a 50-50 chance that they will remain on the screen for the next spin. Symbols only hold over once.

Electric Wilds Super Lightening Overprint

On occasion, a Super Lightning Overprint will hit the screen. It looks the same as the standard overprint, but instead of lighting up one symbol on the dot matrix screen, multiple positions will light up.

This feature triggers very infrequently. I played through 150 spins and did not trigger it once.


If you are lucky enough to get a screen full of the same symbol, natural or with wilds, you will trigger the repeater bonus. During the bonus game, you will have a chance to win up to 4x the amount you won in the previous spin.

You will be presented with 5 electric tubes with one being broken. You will press the button and electricity will run across the tubes. When the electricity stops on the broken tube, the bonus round is over.

Electirc Wilds Big Win

If you land on an unbroken tube, the amount you won in the base game is added to your balance and you get a chance to double your amount again. This continues until you land on a broken tube.

This is another bonus that I was unable to crack, so I cannot give you a realistic idea of what to expect.

Electric Wilds a Shocking Disappointment

When I looked at the stats on Electric Wilds, I saw that the game was supposed to have an RTP of 96.17%. How they came to that figure I don’t know but this game plays like old school pokies with RTPs in the 80s.

For a game that promises “shockingly good wins,” Electric Wilds fails to deliver. I don’t mind infrequent hits if the eventual hits are substantial. However, to hit 1 in 20 spins to win 2x your bet is beyond frustrating.

Normally, I’d tell you which online casinos in Australia offer this game. I’m not going to bother. Don’t play this game. It is not worth your time. You’d be better off playing pair plus bets in 3 Card Poker than playing this game. Come back next week as I’m sure to have a pokie that will bring better payouts than this time waster.