How to Play Three Card Poker Deluxe

Three Card Poker Deluxe

Three Card Poker Deluxe is a game that has begun to pop up at various online casinos in Australia. The game is almost identical to standard Three Card Poker games but has a bit better odds and additional payouts.

Let’s take a look at this game and check out the differences between the game and standard Three Card Poker.

Rules of Three Card Poker Deluxe

Three Card Poker Deluxe is a new variation of Three Card Poker released by Habanero. Just like standard Tri-Card Poker, Three Card Poker Deluxe is a game where the object is to make the best three-card poker hand. Hand rankings are exactly the same in this game with one exception. In Three Card Poker Deluxe, the A-K-Q of the same suit counts as a Royal Flush and not just a straight flush.

This is huge as it gives you a larger top prize. Here’s how the Ante Bonus pays for this game:

Three Card Poker Deluxe Winner

That doubles the top prize for the Ante Bonus. But that’s not all! If you play the Pair Plus and hit a Royal Flush, you get a massive payout of 200 to 1. Here’s how the payout table for Pair Plus Bets look for Three Card Poker Deluxe

The game plays exactly the same as regular Three Card Poker. Dealers must still qualify with queen-high or better. You still have the option to fold when your hand will not beat a qualifying hand.

House Edge Slightly Better

Standard Three Card Poker has a house edge of 3.37% on Ante and Play bets and 7.28% on the Pair Plus. For Thee Card Poker Deluxe, the edge on the Ante and Play bets is shaved down to just 1.96% while the Pair Plus edge is reduced to 4.38%

With better odds than standard 3 Card Poker, some players feel more comfortable playing the Pair Plus bet. Keep in mind that the edge on the bet is reduced thanks to payouts from the Royal Flush. This doesn’t change the frequency on which you will win the bet.

Three Card Poker Deluxe Three of a Kind

You’re still only about 25% to win the bet, making it a long-term loser. Of course, if you are the gambling type, the chance to win 200x your bet is a bit too enticing to pass on.

Regarding standard strategy, nothing changes in how you play the game. You are still looking to Bet your hand anytime you have Q-6-4 or better and looking to fold when you have anything under. The base game house edge is reduced due to payouts from the Royal Flush when it does hit.

Play Three Card Poker Deluxe at Online Casinos in Australia

Three Card Poker Deluxe is available at most casinos offering Haberno products. This includes Wild Card City, King Johnnie Casino, and other Australian online casinos. For those that love to play poker table games, this game is definitely worth trying.

Three Card Poker Deluxe Winner Kings

One thing to watch for is table limits. Some casinos may have higher table limits for this game than standard 3 Card Poker. On some tables, the minimum bet may be $10. Depending on the casino, this may not be a good fit for smaller bankrolls.

Keep in mind that this is not a game you should play to clear online casino bonuses. Most casinos only allow poker table games to contribute between 5 and 15 percent. Some don’t allow them to contribute at all. Instead, play this when you want to try something other than online pokies or blackjack.