How to Play Dragon Tiger

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If you like online baccarat, then you should check out Dragon Tiger. Dragon Tiger is an Asian casino game that can be found at various online casinos in Australia. The game has elements of baccarat and only takes a couple of minutes to learn.

Today, we will teach you the basics of playing Dragon Tiger at online casinos such as Wild Card City.

Dragon Tiger Rules

Dragon Tiger is a simple card game where you are betting on which side will win. The first side is the Dragon and the other is the Tiger. Each side receives a single card and you will be on which side will win along with the other side bets.

Dragon Tiger Main Game

Below are the bets you can make in this game:

For this game, you can make Big, Small, and Suit Bets for each side. For example, you can bet that Dragon will win and that the card will be a big club.

Also, the Big, Small, and Suits bets are independent of the Dragon and Tiger bets. You can bet on the Dragon to win but bet that the Tiger will get a small card.

Sevens Are Unlucky in This Game

Everyone views the number seven as lucky, but that’s not the case in this game. In this game, if a 7 is drawn, all Big, Small, and Suit bets on that side are automatic losers. The Dragon or Tiger bet will still play.

Payouts For Dragon Tiger

The payouts for this game are fairly straightforward. Bets on the Dragon, Tiger, Big and Small Bets pay even money, or 1 to 1. Tie bets pay 8 to 1.

Dragon Tiger Dragon Hearts

Suit bets pay 3 to 1. If you also bet Big or Small and hit both bets, then both bets pay 3 to 1. For example, if you bet that the Dragon will win with a big spade, you will get 1 to 1 on the Dragon bet and 3 to 1 on both the Suit and Big bets. If you make the same bet and Dragon wins with a jack of clubs, you will only win 1 to 1 on the Big bet.

Be Careful With Break Even Bets

When playing at online casinos, many Dragon Tiger games will allow you to bet on every available slot. If you bet on every slot except for the Tie and don’t draw a 7, you can automatically break even with every bet.

While breaking even doesn’t sound fun, there are some that will see this bet as a potential way to build up player points. Don’t fall into this trap. Firstly, this game will probably pay no better than 10 to 25 percent towards a wagering requirement.

Next, making this form of a bet will likely be viewed as wagering abuse and flagged by the casino. You stand a good chance of having your bonus revoked and even banned from the casino.

Avoid the Tie Bets

There isn’t any real strategy for this game other than avoiding the tie bet. The RTP for the Tie bet is just 67.23 percent. It is one of the worst bets to make at Australian online casinos, so don’t make it.

Otherwise, the RTP for this is a solid 96.27% on bets on Dragon or Tiger. Bets on Big, Small, or Suits have an RTP of 92.31%

Dragon Tiger Tie

Some players will bet the last Tiger or Dragon winner in hopes of catching a streak, but with RNG technology, those streaks are much more random than you might see in live casinos.

Now that you know how to play the game, you can play the game for free at King Johnnie Casino prior to playing for real money. With elements similar to baccarat, Tiger Dragon is a fun alternative to online pokies or online table games and a game you should check out.