Top 5 Online Casino Bonus Mistakes

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Most players that sign up to play at Australian online casinos will do so using a casino bonus. When using a bonus, you need to make sure you take full advantage of the offer and not making mistakes that will cost you money or cause you to forfeit your bonus.

Today, we will cover the top 5 mistakes casino players make when playing with online casino bonuses. Avoiding these mistakes will help you maximize your bonus and keep you from getting your account suspended.

Picking the Wrong Casino Bonus for Your Style of Play

If you’ve researched online casino bonuses, you know there are a variety to choose from. Sometimes, players pick a bonus that does not suit their style of play. For example, if you are a table games player or prefer to play Live Dealer games, then a bonus that is only for pokies and keno is a bad fit.

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Even pokies players pick the wrong types of bonuses. If you pick a bonus with a playthrough of 50x for both the bonus and the deposit, you have to be a high volume player to clear that bonus. You want a bonus with a lower playthrough, and one that only forces you to rollover the bonus.

Not Signing Up for Email Newsletters

Many online casinos offer an ongoing newsletter that keeps you informed on the latest news at the casino. Some players neglect to sign up for these emails thinking they are not beneficial. If you’re one of those players, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Email newsletters are the vehicle that some casinos use for new promotions. If you go to a website and they only have a few promotions that never seem to change, odds are that they offer new promotions via email. If you aren’t receiving these emails, you’re missing out.

Depositing With Skrill or NETELLER

Skrill and NETELLER are great ways to make purchases online in many parts of the world. Unfortunately, many online casinos try and discourage players from using these options based on their terms. If you deposit using these methods, you may limit your ability to take advantage of bonuses.

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Many casinos now restrict Skrill and NETELLER players and prohibit them from taking advantage of casino bonuses. While you can still deposit and play, you will never be able to take advantage of free spin bonuses, match bonuses, or any form of bonus.

A smarter alternative is to use Bitcoin to make online casino deposits. Bitcoin is becoming a universal deposit method at online casinos and many casinos will give you larger bonuses for BTC deposits.

Cashing Out Before Clearing a Casino Bonus

One of the worst mistakes you can make when playing with a bonus is attempting to cash out before you clear the bonus. The terms of most casinos state that your bonus funds become forfeit if you cash out before clearing the bonus. It doesn’t matter if you have cleared 10, 50, or even 95 percent of the bonus.

Worse still, even the attempt to cash out can forfeit the bonus. For example, if you try and cash out and the transaction fails, some casinos will go ahead and reverse your bonus. If you are OK with forfeiting your bonus, such as you hit a jackpot prize, that’s fine. Otherwise, wait until you clear the bonus before cashing out. If you are not sure if the bonus is cleared, contact customer support.

Playing High Limits on Your Bonus

It would seem logical that the quickest way to clear a bonus would be to play higher limits. If you play $10 a spin or more, you’ll either win big and have enough money to clear the bonus, or you use up the free money. It sounds good, but you’re about to forfeit your bonus.

Check out the terms of your bonus. You’ll likely find that you are not permitted to bet more than $5 per bet or spin when wagering with your bonus. Also, most bonuses will not permit you to play jackpot pokies.

Be very careful with this one. Not only can you risk forfeiting your bonus, but this may be considered account abuse by your casino, meaning they can close your account and even seize your deposit.