Two Ladies Win Lottery Twice

Ladies win lottery twice

Most of us could only dream of having the right odds to win the lottery. Yet, two lucky American ladies, have defied the odds and managed to win the lottery not once, but twice. If that wasn’t enough, they both managed to win the lottery scratchers on the same day.

Ladies win lottery twice

About the Lucky Ladies

Michelle Shuffler of Granite Falls, North Carolina, one of the lucky ladies who managed to win two lottery scratchies. Shuffler managed to bag a whopping $1 million (AU$1.32 million) prize.

Veronica Buchanan from Florissant, Missouri, the other of the two lucky ladies, won an impressed $101 000 (AU$133 623).

A Look at the Odds

Generally, the odds of winning scratchies are somewhat higher than the odds of regular lotteries. Reason being, is the odds of winning the Powerball for example, is 1 in 176 million. Whereas the odds of winning scratchies is about 1 in 4. Further, winning an amount of $10 000 (AU$13 230) or more, sits at odds of around 1 in 90.

However, winning twice in the same day on two different sets of tickets as these two ladies did, is highly unlikely odds.

Winning Stories

Each of these two ladies has their own story as to how it happened when they won not once but twice on the same day.


Veronica, purchased her first ticket on November the 29th in the morning. To which she chose the $10 (AU$13) Monopoly scratch card. It was then that she won $1 000 (AU$1 323).  After spreading the news of her fortunate encounter, Buchanan returned to the same gas station later that day. It was then that she purchased a $10 Fortune ticket. This time she managed to win one of 14 of the $100 000 prizes.


Michelle, purchased her first ticket, much like Veronica, at a local gas station. She bought her scratch card mid-November in North Carolina, with her husband. It was here that she bought the Million Dollar Fever scratchie. Shortly after, her and her husband were stunned to find out that they had just become $10 000 richer.

Shuffler, unlike Buchanan, mixed things up a bit and tried a different location after making her first win. Michelle and her husband then decided to travel around 35 kilometres down the road before stopping at a convenience store, closer to their home in Granite Falls. It was here that they purchased another scratch card. Only to be stunned a second time in the same day. As Michelle uncovered another win, this time worth an increadible $1 million.

That’s a Wrap

We at Sun Vegas, are absolutely ecstatic for these winners and hope that our Aussie readers can defy the odds just as these ladies have done. For more on the latest trending news, check in to Sun Vegas on the daily.