Tax Changes Expected for Gambling Laws in Victoria

Victoria Gambling Tax

It looks like it’s time for the residents of Victoria to buckle up for a few more tax changes on gambling laws. Stephen Conroy, the former Labour Senator, now gambling lobbyist, is urging for tax on mobile phone betting within Victoria to be under 10%.

It is seen that the 10% would not compare to the 15% implemented in South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA) as well as Queensland.

Victoria Gambling Tax

Victoria’s Tax Changes

Alliance for Gambling Reform member, Tim Costello states that if Conroy’s plan were to be actioned, then it would allow for bettors in Victoria to make much larger profits. In turn, making them a greater target for gambling advertising.

Costello goes on to say that with this in mind, the state would become just like the Northern Territory, who would be willing to sacrifice nearly anything on the ‘greed’ of these companies.

Regardless, the government of Victoria went through with submissions for the consumption tax plans. To which, the submissions closed three months ago.

Which Way Will They Sway?

Although submissions for a lesser tax was submitted, there were other consultation papers that suggested the Victorian Government was considering adopting the 15% model. This 15% model was introduced to SA in July.

Furthermore, there were talks of measures to be put into place so that offshore bookmakers can no longer avoid taxes.

Australian News, Sunday Herald Sun, requested an interview with Conroy via his Responsible Wagering Australia (RWA) lobby group. The RWA represents sportsbooks along the likes of:

However, the request was denied. Yet, Claire Wheaton, RWA’s spokesperson did state that they are urging for a mere 6% tax.

The spokeswoman for the Victorian Government, Emma Webster, responded by saying that the state is looking at this tax from every angle.

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