Reason to Deposit Without Online Casino Bonuses

No Online Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are great ways to stretch your deposit and give you more playing time at online casinos, but they are not for everyone. The terms of online casino bonuses at times can be restrictive to the point of being unusable.

Today, we will take a look at some of the advantages of making a standard online casino deposit rather than using Australian online casino bonuses.

No Playthrough Restrictions

The most annoying part about any online casino bonus is usually the playthrough requirement. The average playthrough can be anywhere from 25x to 40x depending on the casino, and this means that you have to play a long time just to get the right to cash out your bonus.

If you get a $25 bonus on your deposit, you’ll have to wager $625 to $1,000 with those bonus funds in order to cash it out. You have to be extremely fortunate to clear most bonuses, especially if you’re an infrequent player.

Most bonuses are limited in time from a week to a month, meaning you have to complete your playthrough in that time or risk losing the bonus.

No Cap on Winnings

Another common restriction with online casino bonuses are caps on winnings. On average, this cap is about $500, but some can be as small as $50. This cap is commonly on free spins. If you get 50 free spins on The Mariachi 5, you’ll be limited to the amount you can win on those spins.

Online Pokies Jackpot

For most bonuses, you cannot win a jackpot and cash out.

While this is free money, you can give up any hopes of getting rich on free spins. If anything, you may win enough to have a nice starting bankroll. Standard deposits come with no cap on winnings, so if you hit a jackpot, you get to keep the entire jackpot.

Cash Out Whenever You Want

With online casino bonuses, you cannot cash out until you clear the bonus. If you get a $100 bonus and cash out after using just $25 of those funds, you will lose the remaining bonus. Most players feel handcuffed to this requirement.

The same requirement holds true if your spins come with a playthrough. If you win $200 with free spins and you cash out before meeting the playthrough, you lose your bonus funds.

When you deposit normally, you can cash out as soon as you’re ready. If you deposit $50 and get luck an hit a big $500 win in your first few spins, you can cash out. No, that doesn’t happen often, but it is possible.

Play Whatever Games You Want

If you read the fine print of most online casino bonuses, you’ll notice that many limit you to pokies and Keno. That’s not a problem for those of you that only play those games, but what if you want to play blackjack, video poker, or other table games? In many cases, playing other games will forfeit your bonus immediately.

Blackjack Neo Main Game

Also, if your casino allows you to play other games using your online casino bonus, bets on those games will not contribute the same to the wagering requirement. Pokies and Keno almost always contribute 100%. Blackjack contributes no greater than 50% and most other games contribute 10% or none at all.

For those that play blackjack or other casino games, your best option is to forgo the bonus offers and do a standard deposit.

You Can Deposit For Less

If you check the terms of most online casino bonuses, you’ll notice an average deposit requirement of $20 to $30, sometimes more. However, the average minimum deposit at online casinos can be as low as $5.

For those of you on a tight budget or that just like to play with fun money, standard deposits are going to be your best bet. Depositing $5 to $10 may not sound like much, but considering that many games will let you play for pennies, you can still make a small deposit and have a lot of fun at Australian online casinos.

Online Casino Bonuses Are Not For Everyone

Keep in mind, we are not trying to tell you that online casino bonuses are a bad deal. For many, online casino bonuses are a fantastic way to play more at online casinos or try out new games. But they are not for everyone.

If a bonus is not the right fit for you or your bankroll, you can still play using a standard deposit. For those wanting to play with a casino bonus, head to our homepage to check out our list of recommended online casino partners. Each offer fantastic bonus offers that will help you stretch your bankroll.