Differences Between PC Online Gambling and Mobile Online Gambling

PC and Mobile Online Gambling

Back in the early days of online casino games, your only option was playing on a PC. Over the years, mobile gambling became a viable option and nowadays, there are more people gambling at Australian online casinos over mobile than on PC.

However, does that make mobile gambling a better option than PC gambling? It really depends on your preferences and your gaming situation. Let’s take a look at whether PC gambling or mobile gambling is better.

PCs Have More Processing Power

One limitation that mobile online gambling has is the amount of available processing power. While many mobile devices serve as micro laptops, they are still limited to the amount of processing power and the amount of memory available.

As such, mobile users will be much more prone to freezing or crashing. We all know what can happen if you get a glitchy mobile app or if you have a cell phone that has trouble with certain software. Most PC online casinos remain stable across platforms due to the increased processing power and memory available in systems. That’s not to say that you won’t get freezes or client crashes on the PC, but they occur with less frequency.

Mobile Online Gambling is More Portable

Gambling at mobile online casinos is by definition more portable than PC gambling. You can literally carry your online casino around in your pocket and play it anywhere. For PC gambling, you are limited to gambling in one location. Even a laptop computer has limitations as you still have to set up and use the device.


You don’t see too many people sitting in a doctor’s office playing on a laptop. You’ll see many people surfing the web or gaming on mobile phones or tablets though.

PC Online Gambling is More Secure

When you gamble on a mobile device, you are generally doing so over Wi-Fi or some airborne internet signal. Wi-Fi signals have the chance of being sniffed or intercepted by hackers or unscrupulous operators. Also, most mobile devices lack any form of virus software or security software to protect users.

Those that gamble on the PC enjoys a higher level of security. Often, they are doing so from a home network and their computers are locked down with virus software, firewalls, and even VPN software. If a home PC connection is intercepted or hacked, you can blame it on an irresponsible PC owner.

Mobile Players Make More Mistakes

Something that’s not talked about that much is the number of mistakes that mobile players make while gaming. It is much more difficult to play online casino games over a tablet or cell phone than by using a mouse on a computer. Players are much more likely to mistap a control or fat-finger a game and make a bad gaming move.

mobile gambling

PC controls tend to be much more precise than mobile gaming controls. While you always hear about misclicks in gaming, they happen a lot less than fat fingering does in mobile games.

PC Gaming More Stable But Mobile Gaming Will Dominate

When looking at the entire picture, PC gambling tends to be superior to mobile online gambling. Games run faster and smoother, are more secure, and players tend to make fewer mistakes. With that said, PC gambling requires you to download software and your gaming is static to the location of your computer.

While mobile gaming is less secure than PC gambling, the ease and portability of those games are why mobile gambling has exploded to the heights it now enjoys. The portability of mobile gambling will ensure that it stays as the top option from this point forward. While there will always be a strong segment of PC gambling, the future is mobile and casino developers will focus primarily on the segment that brings in the most money.