Top 5 Free VPN Services for Online Gambling


We’ve regularly reported on the latest Australian online casinos that are being blocked by the ACMA. Each time we report on the latest blocks, we recommend using a VPN to bypass ACMA blocks. Recently, we’ve begun receiving questions from readers inquiring about the best free VPN services that can be used for online gambling.

Today, we will give you our top 5 choices for free VPN service that can be used for online gambling. Realize that all free VPN services come with limitations, but the average player should be fine playing online casino games over a VPN.

#5 – Speedify VPN

The first VPN on our list is Speedify. It is a relatively simple VPN service that will allow infrequent gamblers the ability to connect from over 50 VPN servers worldwide. This is better than most services that normally limit you to a handful of services.

The biggest knock against Speedify is the amount of data available to free users. You will only get 2 GB of data to use each month. That’s not a lot and if you like to stream data, you will find this service almost unusable. However, it can still be of benefit to the infrequent online casino player. If you’re someone that plays maybe once or twice a week, this service will fit the bill.

#4 – TunnelBear

TunnelBear is another service that generally best suited for infrequent players. The service is very secure and offers 20+ servers worldwide for its free plan. However, it comes with only a small 500 MB data cap. Sometimes you can get extra data by tweeting about the service, but it will only bump you up to 2GB. (Yes, the tweet promotion does work. We’ve used it multiple times.)

If you are not a computer wizard, TunnelBear is a great option as the software has minimal settings to worry about. The only reason this service doesn’t rank higher is the low data cap. Otherwise, it is a sold service with no throttling of speeds.

#3 – ProtonVPN Free

The biggest selling point of ProtonVPN Free is that there are no data caps. You can use as much data as you want, which is great for most online gamblers. However, there are a couple of catches. First, there are only three servers available for the free service.

Next, you are in a lower priority queue for speed. At times of high network traffic, your gaming may be a bit slower. For games that don’t require constant streaming data, this will likely not be an issue. You should be able to still play online pokies and blackjack without interruptions. However, games like video poker may be a bit more problematic if speeds are reduced.

The speed caps are the reason this service doesn’t rank higher on our list.

#2 – VPN

One of the oldest VPN providers on the internet, is one of the most trusted names in VPN service. Their free service is one of the better ones, offering a data cap of 10 GB with no data throttling.

There is one big catch. You can only connect to 5 servers, four in the United States, and a Canadian server. This may cause an issue for casinos that block US players. You may be limited to a single Canadian server. However, if this limitation doesn’t bother you, this is one of the best services you can pick.

#1 – Windscribe

Windscribe is our top recommendation for free VPN. There are a few reasons. The first is that the service offers 10 GB each month. This data cap is sufficient for all but the most hardcore gamblers. Next, the service has 10 global servers including servers in Germany, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.

The best selling point for this service is that it includes both a firewall and an ad blocker. It is a perfect service for general usage. There are options to enable or disable both, allowing you complete control. While there are some reports of inconsistent speeds, we’ve found that speeds for this service are solid with few disconnects.

Windscribe is the service that this writer uses when he needs to connect to a blocked online casino site. Of course, any of the above services will get you by ISP blocks, so pick the service that best suits your needs.