Politics Betting Odds Australia

Odds on Australian Politics Betting

It’s election time in Australia, and of course, all Aussies are excited to see which politician will be elected at the two state elections. Further, March 2018, will see one federal seat. As the days to the elections creep closer and closer, tension and excitement grows. So what better way to capitalise on such excitement, than to sports bet on politics?

Odds on Australian Politics Betting

Odds on Australia Politics

The betting odds on these politics suggest that it’s a tight competition between the majors as well as the new parties coming in.

The state election is scheduled to be held in Tasmania. A mere two weeks later, South Australia will host an election. More so, the seat of Batman, at the Australian House of Representatives is available, and a new representative will be elected following the resignation of Labour’s, David Feeney. According to the odds, it looks like Australian online sportsbooks expect the incumbent parties to lose the election. Further, they expect the Labours to be defeated during the South Australian as well as the by-election.

Predictions for Winner of Tasmania State Elections

There is some very tight competition when it comes to the Liberals and the Labours for the Tasmania elections. Currently, at the time of writing, the Liberals hold 15 of the 25 seats. However, it is predicted that the Liberals will lose seats on the 3rd of March at the state election. If the party does happen to lose seats, then it will even out the playing field for the Labour and the Liberals. Which makes it difficult to predict whether the Labour Party will form a new government, or alternatively the Liberals may return as the minority government.

So, here are the odds. According to Unibet sportsbook, the Labour Party is the favourite with odds of 1.80. However, polls suggest different odds, and here they are:

Although the competition is tight, none of the parties will be able to form a majority government.

Politics Betting Odds on South Australian Elections

The 17th of March will see Aussies casting their votes for the new members of South Australian (SA) parliament. Australian online sportsbooks predict that a new rival will emerge over the two current incumbent majors, taking the form of Nick Xenophon’s SA Best party. The party seems to be picking up popularity and quickly. Due to this phenomenon, it looks that he may even win more seats than both the Liberal and Labour parties.

Currently, parliament has 47 seats in the lower house, which the Labours dominated. The South Australian government which Premier Jay Weatherill is currently the leader of, is looking to serve his fifth, four-year term. This was almost expected just a few months ago. However, due to the opposition from the Liberal party as well as the SA best party, such expectations seem to have fallen away somewhat.

Here are the odds according to Unibet Sportsbook:

Odds on the Batman by-Election

The Labour Party will be tested once more on the 17th of March as the Melbourne Batman elections at the lower house will be held. David Feeney, former Australian Labour Party member, resigned on the 1st of February during the citizenship crisis. Reason being is that he failed to produce confirming documents to ensure that he had renounced his British citizenship. Consequently, this led to a by-election for the vacant seat.

Here are the odds on the by-election:

We at Sun Vegas are eager to see how the elections pan out. In the meantime, we truly hope that you place your bets wisely and that the odds are in your favour.