5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus Once Live Casinos Reopen

Coronavirus - Australian Online Casinos

The COVID-19 curve is finally beginning to flatten. This means fewer cases of coronavirus are being reported and we can begin to see a light at the end of a long, foreboding tunned. What this means is that soon, we could see live casinos reopen around the world.

When casinos begin to reopen, things will be very different for a while. There will be precautionary measures taken to keep players and staff members safe. If you’re someone who is thinking about gambling live once casinos open, today we give you five tips to help protect yourself from coronavirus exposure.

Wear Masks and Wear Them Properly

Once casinos reopen, casino staff will be required to wear masks. Chances are that players may be required to wear masks to play. If this is not a requirement at your casino, consider doing so anyway. Even if you are healthy, you are greatly reducing the risk of breathing in droplets from anyone that may be infected.

When we say wear a mask, we mean to wear it properly. The mask should cover both the mouth and nose. There are a lot of people that are wearing masks below the nose and this is almost as bad as not wearing a mask at all.

Wearing Masks - Coronavirus

Casino employees in Macau must wear masks until the outbreak is contained.

Use Gloves – But Take Multiple Pair

Many people are using gloves while out and about during the pandemic. While a novel idea, they are not using them properly. Gloves are intended to be single event use items. For example, in a hospital, a nurse will change her gloves after visiting a patient and put new ones on before going to see another. This cuts down on exposure to both the nurse and patient.

When you wear the same pair of gloves all day, you are moving germs around. The best way to use gloves in a casino is to use them while playing your game and swapping out for a new pair when you go to a different table. Take anywhere from 6 to 12 pairs with you. Otherwise, follow the next tip.

Wash Your Hands Often to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

For many of you, a better alternative to wearing gloves will be to wash your hands often. Gloves can pick up germs from the table or other items in the casino. You can take a bunch of extra pairs of gloves with you, or you can simply be vigilant in washing your hands.

This means washing hands after playing blackjack, washing them again after playing pokies, or anytime you do something different in a casino.

Don’t Take Chips Home and Use Racks

One of the dirtiest items in a live casino is casino chips. There is no telling how many people handle the chips over the course of a day. If a virus is to be spread, this is the object to facilitate it. As such, you need to take extra care in handling chips.

Casino Chip Rack

Use chip racks to transport chips rather than putting them in your pocket.

First, don’t put your chips in your pockets or take them home with you. Coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to three days. You don’t need to expose yourself or others to that risk.
Next, use racks to transport chips. This keeps chips out of your pockets and reduces the amount of potential exposure. When you’re done playing for the day, cash out.

Practice Social Distancing

It is also wise to continue practicing social distancing for at least the next six months. What that means is to avoid being to close to other players and staff members at the casino. When playing video poker or pokies, sit a few machines away from another player.

At other casino games, sit as far away from other players as you can get away with. Most casinos will limit the number of players at a table and install dividers to help minimize exposure but adding social distancing when possible will help to reduce your risk.