Australian Promoter Looking to Host Mike Tyson Comeback Fight

Mike Tyson Comeback

Would you pay money to see a 53-year-old man box? What if that man was former two-time Heavyweight Champion of the World Mike Tyson? The internet has been buzzing lately over the potential “comeback” for the former champion.

While it seems ludicrous that Tyson would come back to boxing, he is doing it for a good cause. Tyson looks to raise money to help those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. If he has his way, Australian promoter Brian Amatruda will help make those fights a reality.

Mike Tyson Training For Comeback

Last week, the internet was in a state of shock when Mike Tyson posted training videos online in what appears to be a comeback attempt for the former Heavyweight Champion. He posted a workout session on Twitter with trainer Rafael Cordeiro showing off his hand speed. Tyson also has revealed that he wants to make a comeback, but not to challenge for a heavyweight title.

Tyson’s comeback will be for charity. According to reports, legendary boxing trainer Nelson Cuevas recently died due to COVID-19. He was an early supporter of Tyson when he was an amateur boxer. As a result, Tyson now wants to do charity boxing events to raise money to benefit COVID-19 relief efforts.

Apparently, this comeback has been on Tyson’s mind for some time. He revealed in an Instagram Live session a couple of weeks ago that he has been considering a comeback for some time. Cordeiro was very impressed with Tyson’s abilities, stating that “He hasn’t hit mitts for almost 10 years. So, I didn’t expect to see what I saw. I saw a guy with the same speed, same power, as guys 21, 22 years old.”

What a “Comeback” Will Look Like

If Tyson makes a comeback, he will stick to short fights of around three to four rounds. These are similar to what you would see in amateur fights, or low-level professional fights. At 53, Tyson would likely not be able to put up an 8, 10, or 12 round performance.

Tyson will not be fighting elite competition either. He would be fighting either older fighters or attraction fighters. Interestingly enough, Evander Holyfield has stated he is considering a comeback. A fight between those two would be the caliber of fight you would expect. However, with few sporting options presently available and many Aussies passing their time by playing at Australian online casinos, this could be a huge draw.

However, there already appears to be some interest in facilitating a comeback, and Tyson’s first opponent may already be selected.

Australian Promoter Interested in Booking Tyson

Not surprisingly, some promoters see huge potential in a Tyson comeback, even if it is for charity. Brian Amatruda, an Australian boxing promoter, has already been in contact with Tyson to try and book him for a fight.

Amatruda has reportedly offered Tyson $1 million to box again. According to reports, Amatruda wants to have Tyson face Sonny Bill Williams, the rugby legend who is now a professional boxer. Williams has a record of 7-0 with 3 knockouts. His biggest win was against Francois Botha in 2013 and he has not fought since 2015.

This would be an interesting fight as Williams has some legitimate fight experience, but it is unclear how he would far against Tyson. If Tyson still has anywhere near the power that he used to have, he could make short work of Williams.

Tyson retired from professional boxing in 2005, losing three of his final four fights. He finished his career with 50 wins, 6 losses, and 2 no contests. Of those 50 wins, 44 were by knockout. Since then, he has spent his retirement playing casino games, starring in TV and movie roles, and occasionally providing commentary on the boxing community as a whole. At this time, Tyson has not stated how many fights he intends to fight in his comeback.

It is possible that this will be a one-time thing for charity. However, if Tyson shows the ability to adequately compete, expect promoters to push him to fight additional fights.