Study on Women’s Changing Attitude Toward Gambling

Australian Women Gambling Study

A new study has been undertaken by the Deakin University regarding a few gambling related topics. These include pokie machines that target female gamblers, reality TV betting as well as Instagram influencers. The study all forms part of the umbrella concept of women’s attitudes changing toward the likes of gambling.

Australian Women Gambling Study

The Contents of the Study

What the research looks at is the fact that the majority of gambling advertising seems to be causing a more socially acceptable platform for women to engage in gambling.

Samantha Thomas, an Associate Professor for the Health and Social Development Department of Deakin University, states that casinos have been increasingly targeting women. They have been doing this through the usage of various strategies, to gain more female gamblers at their institutions.

Efforts of Gambling Companies

To engage the female population to get involved in gambling activities, gambling institutions have been subtly marketing in a way that would attract the attention of a woman. For example, during the week of the Melbourne Cup, online sportsbooks made a point of putting female influencers and celebrities in their advertisements. Further, these celebrities were promoting their products, entertainment options as well as women’s groups through their social media platforms. More so, they have promoting entertainment options from casinos that are completely focused on women.

When it comes to the pokies machines, casinos have been applying more female-friendly branding that would appeal to the younger female market as well. Both land-based and online casinos have started putting themes such as Big Bang Theory, Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres to work. If that wasn’t enough, bookmakers are even providing betting odds for shows like the Bachelor to really grip the population of the fairer audience.

What the Study Found

According to Thomas, it was found through the research, that traditionally, women would be more inclined to navigate toward casino games that relied more on luck than skill. However, times are now changing. Females are now avidly exercising their skill at table games like poker.

To rid the stigmatism associated with the thought of women and gambling being somewhat taboo, casinos have been advertising strategically. As can be seen in a recent ad released by Crownbet. The advert features Nicky Whelan, Australian model and actress, using the catchphrase, “If I were a betting man”. This is seen to portray women empowerment through wagering.

That’s a Wrap

Overall, we at Sun Vegas Casinos are happy that women are more comfortable gambling whether it be at a casino of their choice or via online gambling sites. For more on top online casino news and trending news in Australia, keep up to date with Sun Vegas Casinos.