Tabcorp Not Interested in Running UK Lottery

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There have been several reports out there claiming that Australian lottery firm Tabcorp was interested in putting in a bid to run the UK National Lottery. However, shortly after those reports surfaced, conflicting reports began to arise.

According to multiple reports, including the Brisbane Times, it now appears that Tabcorp is not interested in running the lottery. Various sources are reporting that Tabcorp is unlikely to put in a bid to operate the UK National Lottery.

Tabcorp Originally Reported to Be Bidding on UK Lottery Contract

The UK National Lottery’s current contract will expire in 2023. To prepare for the future, the British Gambling Commission hired investment bank Rothschild to start a bidding process for the contract.

Numerous reports, including the UK Telegraph, stated that Australian firm Tabcorp was one of the firms looking to bid. Other bidders include current operator Camelot, Novamedia, Sazka, Francaise des Jeux, and others.

Originally, bidders had until January 22 to let Rothschild know their intentions on bidding. However, after several reported Tabcorp’s interest, conflicting reports began to arise.

Tabcorp Not Interested in Bidding for Contract

On Tuesday, word began to leak that Tabcorp has no interest in putting in a bid for the UK National Lottery. Various news services, including the Brisbane Times, have claimed that Tabcorp will not enter a bid and will instead focus on their Australian business interests.

Instead, it appears that the Western Australian TAB appears to be the priority for the company. Back in September 2019, the Government of Western Australia started a privatization process for the WA TAB. Tabcorp is considered to be the primary contender for the business.

Morgan Stanley analyst Elise Kennedy said that the WA TAB acquisition would be highly successful for Tabcorp. Presently, the company is the only one bidding for the contract. The fact that Tabcorp already has a retail lottery presence there is a factor some suspect will help it secure the contract.

Tabcorp Not Interested in UK National Lottery

Tabcorp reportedly has no interest in running the UK National Lottery.

Tabcorp recently became one of the largest gambling companies in Australia after joining forces with Tatts Group. Formally a rival, the two companies came together to form a gambling giant. As such, the company now has licenses for both lotteries and retail gambling in every state and territory in Australia with the exception of Western Australia.

If the company is able to secure the rights to the WA TAB, then the company will have a foothold in every territory in the country. Knowing this, Tabcorp may be more interested in shoring up their operations in their home nation before undertaking such a massive endeavor at the UK Lottery.

Future Expansions May Still Be On the Table

The fact that Tabcorp isn’t betting on the UK Lottery contract doesn’t mean that they are no longer considering expansion. If you remember, the company attempted to enter the UK online gambling market by launching Sun Bets. The company decided to leave the UK market after just a couple of years.

As you already know, Tabcorp does not operate online casinos in Australia but focuses primarily on the lottery. However, the company has been considering expansion into the United States. Recent changes to US law have opened the door for companies to open various forms of online casino gambling. This includes online pokies and other forms of online casino games.

The company is reportedly looking into potential expansion into the US market. New Jersey and Pennsylvania are the industry leaders in the United States. Michigan and West Virginia are next to launch operations within the next 12 months. With the legal climate continually changing in the United States, it is just a matter of time before Tabcorp decides to test American waters.