Lotteries are probably one of the oldest known forms of gambling in Australia and indeed, the world. The lottery has been dated back to 200 BC in the form of Keno slips. As times have changed, lotteries in Australia have advanced to what we know today in 2020, where players can win jackpots that are worth millions. Back then players could buy lottery tickets from hundreds of places throughout Australia such as petrol stations and grocery stores, but with times changing, so have the methods, because now you can buy lottery tickets online through the OZ Lotteries website.
The first ever lottery occurred in Australia, Sydney in 1880, it was soon prohibited due to government restrictions. However, in 1916 the government decided to begin a lottery to raise money for projects and charities such as funds for World War I veterans.

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Lottery Types in Australia in 2020

There are seven major types of lottery throughout Australia and can be accessed by not only Aussies but overseas residents as well. Here are the seven major types of lottery in Australia:

  1. The most obvious is the Lotto which is divided into two types – The Tattslotto which occurs every Saturday and then there is the Monday and Wednesday Lotto. The Saturday lotto is the simplest version of lotto and allows for players to stand a chance to win other prizes as well.
  2. The OZ Lotto occurs every Tuesday night and is known for the highest winners in Australia, this version is a bit more complicated and research would need to be done into understanding the rules, odds and categories.
  3. Super 66 is played throughout Australia, except for New South Wales. These are seen as add-ons to the tickets you already have and is usually announced just before the main lottery event.
  4. Lotto Strike is New South Wales version of Super 66 and all that is different is the name.
  5. Powerball is the same type lottery as the Lotto and OZ lotto, the rules are slightly different and the game is played on a Thursday night instead.
  6. Lucky Lotteries is a raffle type of lottery, what usually happens is that players buy tickets and once all tickets have been bought the raffle occurs in which a random number generator draws up the winning ticket
  7. Last but not least is the Soccer Pools throughout Australia. These are based primarily on the soccer matches in Europe and some in Australia as well. With these you choose 6 numbers from 1 – 38 and results are dependent on the draws highest rank, the away wins and the home wins. This can be quite a complicated process so you should do full research into it before you decide to choose this type of lottery

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Playing Lottery with Australian Dollars

Like any online casino Australia, these lotteries offer 100% secure withdrawals. Payments can be made through different methods, such as PayPal, MasterCard and Visa, BPAY and Diners Club and can be made in AU$. Payments are made on certain payment dates for winners and the moment the money is in your account you can withdraw it whenever you want.

AUD Banking when it comes to lottery is on the same standard as any banking institution in Australia as they offer 128-bit SSL encryption which means your information is 100% protected

The Mobile Lottery Generation

Due to our generation being so heavily reliant on mobile phones, almost all industries have gone mobile and that is the case with Oz Lottery. This lotto is completely mobile friendly on all Android, iOS and Blackberry mobile devices and all functions and usability that you would find on a desktop can be found on mobile.

The Largest Lottery Wins around the Globe

  1. US Mega Millions: $656 Million (AU$ 901 Million) – This was won in March 2012 and was a winning ticket for 3 different people. What that meant is that the $656 Million was divided up into 3
  2. Powerball: $587 Million (AU$ 806 Million) – This was won by two people, one in Missouri and one from Arizona
  3. Mega Millions: $390 Million (AU$ 535 Million) – Also won by two different people

Overall, the lotto is a fun and easy way to bet some of your money in the hopes that you could win millions.