How to Play Wheel of Riches

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If you’re a fan of roulette at Australian online casinos, then you should try out Wheel of Riches. Wheel of Riches is a variant of European Roulette from Microgaming with a couple of fun bonus features. Today, we will teach you the basics of playing Wheel of Riches and the bonuses available.

Grow Your Bankroll With Wheel of Riches

Wheel of Riches is a variant of European Roulette but with a couple of different features from normal roulette. The first thing you will notice that’s different with this game is that there are four colors on the wheel and the board. Betting on a specific color wins you 4 to 1 when it lands.

Wheel of Riches Main Game

Otherwise, the game is your standard game of Roulette with all of your normal bets. However, payouts are a bit different. Below are charts for different bet types.

Inside Bets:

Outside Bets:

Free Spins Bonus

If you land on the Spin section of the wheel, you will trigger the Free Spins bonus game. After you land on the Spins section, a second wheel will pop up in the middle of your screen. Click spin and the wheel will spin. You will win either one to five free spins, or nothing.

Wheel of Riches Free Spins

If you win free spins, the bets in play when you triggered the spin will play again. You will not be able to add any money or move your bets on the game board. Also, free spins are not re-triggerable.

Wheel of Riches Bonus Game

If you land on the Bonus section of the wheel, you’ll trigger the Bonus game. Like the free spins bonus, a spinning reel will pop up in the middle. Click spin to take a chance at a multiplier, you can win up to a 50x multiplier, or you can win nothing at all.

Wheel of Riches Bonus

If you land a multiplier, you will win the bet that triggered the Bonus game times the multiplier. For example, if you bet $5 and hit a 25x multiplier, you will win $125.

Odds Will Be Worse Due to Layout and Two Extra Slots

For those that are paying close attention to the house edge, expect this game to have a higher house edge than European and maybe even American Roulette. The reason is that you have two extra slots on the wheel. For American Roulette, you have the 00 and the house edge goes up to 5.26% from 2.70%. With Wheel of Riches, you have one more slot than American Roulette. However, the two extra slots do not always pay off when hit.

Wheel of Riches Bets

Unfortunately, Microgaming doesn’t list the house edge or an RTP for this game. We would guess that it is somewhere around 7% due to the extra slot. Also, the higher house edge is implied since bets that normally pay even money in European Roulette pay 2 to 1 in this game.

If you’re looking for something a little different in Roulette, this game is worth checking out. However, you will experience more variance than typical roulette due to higher risk bets. You can find Wheel of Riches at Fair Go Casino, House of Pokies, and all online casinos that offer Microgaming pokies.