How to Play Vegas Three Card Rummy

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If you like table card games such as Three Card Poker, then you should try Vegas Three Card Rummy. The game is offered at many Australian online casinos and can be profitable with the right strategy.

Today you’ll learn how to play Vegas Three Card rummy and the basic strategy for playing the game.

Rules of Vegas Three Card Rummy

Vegas Three Card Rummy is similar to other poker card games like Tri-Card Poker where the objective is to beat the dealer. For this game, you must score fewer points than the dealer to win.

First, let’s review the point values for each card. Here’s a quick chart breaking down point values:

There are times where parts of your hand will be worth zero points. When you’re dealt a pair or three of a kind, you have a zero-point hand. When you have two or more cards in sequence, also known as a run, you also have a zero-point hand.

Vegas Three Card Rummy Main Game

For example, if you’re dealt a pair of fives and a three, you have three points. The pair is worth zero and the three is worth three points. When you’re dealt 3-4-8, you have zero points for a two-card run and eight points for the eight.

How to Play Vegas Three Card Rummy

Like most table card games, you must make an Ante bet before receiving cards. You can also make a Bonus Bet, which is a side bet based on the outcome of your hand.

After making your bets, you will get three cards and the dealer will get three cards face down. The points total for your hand will be displayed. You must then decide whether to Bet your hand or fold.

If you Bet your hand, a bet equal to your Ante will be place and the dealer will show his hand. The dealer must qualify in order to pay off the raise Bet. To qualify, the dealer must have 20 or less.

When the dealer fails to qualify, the Bet pushes and the Ante bet pays 1:1. Should the dealer qualify and has a lower hand, both your primary bets.

Bet and Bonus Bet Payouts

When the dealer qualifies and your hand is superior, you will receive 1:1 on your Ante and the Bet will pay off using the follow paytable:

For Vegas Three Card Rummy games with the Bonus Bet feature, you will win on hands of 12 points and under. This bet is paid regardless of the dealer’s hand. When you win this bet, you’re paid out as follows:

Vegas Three Card Rummy Winner Bonus Bet

Strategy for Vegas Three Card Rummy

One great thing about Vegas Three Card Rummy is that it has a simple strategy for winning. Whenever you’re dealt a hand with a point total of 20 or under, you will Bet the hand. Otherwise, you will fold.

The reason behind this is that the dealer only qualifies on hands 20 and under. For hands where the dealer doesn’t qualify, you will push the Bet and win even money on the Ante.

Then there’s the Bonus Bet. Our rule of thumb is to avoid any side bets in table games. This one is not as bad as other games as there is just a 3.46% house edge. While we still recommend avoiding it, those of you that like to gamble will do better with this side bet than most other games.

You can find Vegas Three Card Rummy at Ignition Casino, Bovada, and Slot.LV. Similar to blackjack, it is a fun table card game you can learn quickly and gives you a solid chance of winning consistently.