Wuhan Coronavirus Prevention Tips at Australian Casinos

Coronavirus - Australian Online Casinos

The Wuhan coronavirus is the most deadly virus outbreak this century. At the time of this writing, over 40,000 people worldwide have been infected with over 900 deaths. The outbreak is deadlier than SARS and many countries have taken precautions to prevent the spread of the disease.

Today, we will discuss steps to prevent catching the coronavirus, including how it is possible to catch the disease while playing at live casinos.

Casinos Can Be Breeding Grounds

Anytime that you go into a public place such as a live casino, you are taking a big risk whenever there is an outbreak of a virus. That is because viruses such as the coronavirus are transmitted in a variety of ways.

The most common is direct transmission from person-to-person. If you are sitting beside someone at the tables or even at the slot machines and they sneeze or cough around you, there is a chance that the virus will be transmitted.

Next, if you are playing table games such as blackjack or craps, you risk transmitting germs as you interact with cards handled by multiple people. For example, someone sneezes into their hand and then touch cards at a blackjack table. Now the cards are contaminated and you are at risk.

Wearing Masks - Coronavirus

Casino employees in Macau must wear masks until the outbreak is contained.

Even the act of using casino chips can be dangerous. You don’t know who has recently been handling the chips, and so you could get germs transmitted from those chips.

You have to also be careful of food and drink at casinos during outbreaks. Viruses can be transmitted via food and drink. For example, if a cocktail waitress serves drinks at the pokies and someone sneezes beside her, the entire tray of drinks she is carrying can be contaminated.

Be Vigilant in Protecting Yourself Against Coronavirus

When playing at live casinos, there are several things you have to do in order to protect yourself during a virus outbreak such as the coronavirus. First, wash your hands regularly. After playing casino games, wash your hands. Wash your hands after playing pokies.

By regularly, we mean more than just at the end of your shift. We recommend washing them multiple times during your visit to the casino. This will help reduce the odds of infection.

Next, do whatever you can to avoid anyone that doesn’t look well. If someone is sniffling, sneezing, coughing, or doing anything that makes them appear unwell, walk the other way.

Consider taking medical quality gloves and masks when going out in public. Wearing latex gloves will go a long way in preventing the spread of germs. Masks can help reduce the number of airborne pathogens you inhale.

Poker player gloves

This player has the right idea, but disposable gloves are better.

Gamble at Online Casinos Instead

You knew this recommendation was coming, but this is one time where this is more than cliche. The best way to avoid a virus such as the coronavirus is complete avoidance of anyone that may be infected. That means skipping live casinos and playing at online casinos in Australia.

You are able to control the environment when playing at online casinos. You don’t have to worry about playing with infected chips or running into someone that’s infected. When you eat or drink, you don’t have to worry about the server being sick or have recently interacted with sick patrons.

Yes, this an extreme measure, but this is an extreme virus. Thus far, fewer than 4,000 people infected have completely recovered. That’s only around 10 percent. Would you play online casino games with a 90 percent house edge? We didn’t think so.

The best way to avoid getting sick at the casino is to avoid the casino. Some casinos in China are shutting down during this outbreak and players should take notice. Casinos will still be there after the virus has run its course, so make the smart play and play at Australian online casinos to stay safe.