Online Craps is a dice game where the outcome of the throw depends entirely on the combination of the dice thrown. Players throw two dice onto a craps table, landing on a 7 or 11 results in a win whereas throwing a 2,3, or 12 results in a loss. Online Craps has become extremely popular in Australia over the past few years and its popularity continues to grow in 2018.

Online Craps AustraliaFrom the resulting throw of the dice, the shooter can either win the game right off the bat, based on their bet, or the shooter can lose the game. A throw can also result in the shooter neither winning nor losing, and gameplay can continue for one or more rounds. While the gameplay in an Online Craps casino is straightforward, the betting patterns can be rather complex, even for those with gambling experience. The Pass Line bet is one of the safest to make and is recommended for players from Australia.

Knowing which bets offer the best odds is the ideal strategy when playing Online Crabs such as the Pass Line bet which offers a fairly low house advantage of 1.41%.

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Online Craps Terminology

This fast-paced game incorporates some terminology which needs to be understood by gamers if they are to be part of the action.

Brief History Of Online Craps:

Modern day Craps was developed and simplified from an early game of English origins called ‘Hazard’. The game was later influenced by French gamblers and converted to what is modern day Craps and made renowned by French nobleman and politician Jean-Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville.

Craps got its name from the shortening of the French name; crapaud name. An informal and street version of the game was established and dubbed Street Craps.

History of craps

Advantages of Online Craps:

Online- Craps provides gamers with the privilege of enjoying this suspense of a game from the comfort and convenience of their homes. Among the biggest advantages of playing online are the Casino Bonuses which players are entitled to and are not available when playing casino based Craps. Craps is a game of chance giving players a thrilling experience of predicting the outcome of the dice roll. Online Craps can prove to be very financially rewarding when playing for real money.

Craps Table Crew:

The Crabs table can often be one of the busiest in a casino due to the fast-paced nature of the game.

At the Craps table, there is the Stickman who possesses a multipurpose stick used for fetching losing bets from the far side of the table. The Stickman is also responsible for announcing the results of the roll and thus is knowledgeable on every combination of dice rolled.

Base Dealers are found on either side of the table which is double sided. They are responsible for paying out winning bets and collecting losing ones.

The Boxman is the one who supervises the table, guards the chips and replaces the dices should a player throw too hard resulting in the dice leaving the table.

Image of Online Craps

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Craps

Players often have questions about online craps. If you intent on becoming an online craps pro, you will have to know all you can about this dice games. Below we will answer the questions you may have regarding online craps.

What Is The Difference Between Online Craps and Land-Based Casino Craps?

In all honesty, there is much of a likeness between these two versions of the dice game. The only major difference between online craps and craps played in a land based casino is that they are played on different platforms. When players play online craps they don’t need to travel to a casino online but can play online craps in the comfort of their homes on their desktop or mobile devices.

Where Can I Play Online Craps In Australia?

You can play online craps at a licensed and registered online casino. The casinos listed on SunVegas Casino are licensed and registered by a recognised jurisdiction meaning that players can enjoy a safe and secure casino experience. Players be sure to only play online craps at a registered online casino to make sure you a protected by fraudulent activities.

Can I Play Online Craps For Real Money?

Yes, you can definitely play online craps for real money at a real money casino. It is often advised that players first try craps for free before they wager real money on it. Once you are comfortable with playing online craps you can definitely wager on the outcome of the dice roll and stand the chance to win a large sum of money.

What Are The Odds Of Winning Online Craps?

As mentioned before, online craps is a game of chance, however, players have a pretty good chance of winning. Both online craps and land-based casino craps have the same house edge of 0,67%. This is not a very high house edge meaning that players have a good chance of winning real money when they play online craps.

Are Online Craps Games Fair?

Online craps machines have a Random Number Generator(RNG) which means the outcome of the game is totally random and not manipulated. Casinos that are registered and regulated by a third party like eCorga, are checked for fairness, meaning players can expect a fair gaming experience when they play at these online casinos.