High Limit Slots


A high maximum bet size is what high limit slots are all about. We have a look at whether this means high payouts as well and where to find the best Aussie online casinos with the best high limit online slots.

High Limit Slots – What are the Attributes?

Many Australian online casinos do offer this option to their players. However, we know that none of them are the same. We take a look at some of the varying attributes of high limit slots available to you. This way, you can get a sense of which one suits you best.

Regular High Limit Slots

A regular high limit slot is one that is available to all players regardless of their loyalty status with the online casino. It does, however, have higher stakes than any other slot in the casino. So, in an instance where a player can wager $20 on a single spin, a high limit slot may require a player to start anything from $200 to $10 000 on a single spin, depending on the online casino.

VIP High Limit Slots

These high limit slots are reserved for the high rollers. There really is no difference in how the game is played. The only thing that differs is the minimum amount that is required in order to play.

The Perks of Playing High Limit Slots

The most obvious is the fact that the amount you stand to win is so much higher. This is due to the exorbitant amounts people who tend to play on these slots. Most Aussie online casinos make high limit slots the highlight of the casino as they tend to be the most lucrative.

Regular punters end up being invited to the online casino’s VIP program. Being invited to such means that players get to enjoy certain benefits. These benefits include point conversions, gifts and personalised bonuses among a myriad of other perks.


High limit slots could be a once-off thing for some players but an everyday thing for high roller players. The bottom line is that the rewards are as attractive in both instances. Why don’t you give them a try at some of Sun Vegas Casino’s top-rated online casinos?