Top Online Casino Reward Programs 2018

Most online casino rewards programs work on a points system where a player will need to accumulate points over a period of time or after playing a certain number of games. This varies from one casino to the other. These points can then be redeemed for various products after a certain number of points has been reached.

Casino Rewards

Often, online casinos will categorise the rewards programs into levels or tiers. All players start at the same level, players may reach a certain number of points based on their interaction and their status will be promoted to Silver. The next level is reached in the same way. This may continue up to VVIP status.

How to Ensure You Go Up the Rewards Ranks

Subscribing to a casino’s newsletter is a great way of guaranteeing that you will be the first to know if there any opportunities to increase your points. So, here are a few tips on how to optimise your points and start climbing the ladder to fortune:

Casino Rewards - Blackjack Table - Australia

Rewards Programs Summary

There are countless online casinos with rewards programs, this means that some are better than others. Choosing one that works for you or is worth your time can be quite daunting, that is the reason our gambling experts test these out.

The quickest way to know if a rewards program is even worth your time is by reading the terms and conditions. It is important for you to check what’s in it for you, what the requirements are and make sure you estimate how long it will take to get to the next level. Do this check at more than one casino and then compare. Always remember to use the free bonuses.