Opinion – Gamblers Should Avoid Live Casinos Until 2021

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Winter is coming. Those are words that the medical community is dreading along with the rest of the world. Coronavirus cases are rising globally and it seems just a matter of time before the words lockdown begun to be uttered once again. You may be wondering whether it is safe to try and gamble at live casinos or if you should consider waiting. We will take a look at this question and give our suggestions on how gamblers should approach the winter of 2020.

Coronavirus Cases Are On The Rise Globally

The bad news is that the “Second Wave” that’s been predicted for a while appears to be ramping up. Fortunately, Australia has been able to keep COVID-19 numbers down, but that’s not the case in countries like the United States, India, or Brazil.

While we don’t predict an explosion of cases as we’ve seen in other areas of the world, the number of cases is likely to rise in the upcoming months. As such, gamblers should begin refocuing efforts on preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Vaccines Are Still a Ways Away

Contrary to the wishful thinking of some politicians, it still appears that we are still months away from a viable COVID-19 vaccine. Some think it may be the middle of 2021 before a viable option is available to the global public. Even then, it will take a while to distribute it, so we may be having this conversation again next Halloween.

Countries Are Already Taking Preventative Measures

With coronavirus numbers already rising, there are some countries already looking at enacting new restrictions. European restaurants are facing new guidelines and Israel just emerged from a second lockdown. In the United States, the rumors of lockdown are beginning to creep up as nearly half of the states are seeing spikes in case numbers.

What this means is that restrictions will be coming in the near future. You can definitely expect them by Thanksgiving and by Christmas there is a good chance that some countries will be back on complete lockdown. As such, why take the unnecessary risk of playing live pokies?

Alternatives to Live Casinos Are Available

There are multiple reasons that online gambling has exploded during the pandemic. First, it was the only way to gamble for a while when casinos and pokies pubs were shut down. Next, players are much safer gambling from home. You don’t have to worry about being accidental exposure to infection or going into quarantine for weeks.

Online Casino Games Cheaper

There are dozens of Australian online casinos where you can deposit for as little as $10, which is much cheaper than playing at live casinos. Do you own some Bitcoin? You can deposit using Bitcoin at online casinos. Whether you’re a low-stakes recreational gambler or a high-rolling pro, you will find plenty of options.

Safer at Home is Still the Best Option

We know that many of you are getting tired of hearing phrases such as “safer at home”. However, we are getting to the point where that is going to be the best option. With the Second Wave here, cases are spiking and your risk of infection is increasing. As such, it is not the best idea to play at live casinos until at least early next year.

While you can take precautions like wearing masks and using hand sanitizer, the best preventative measure you can take is avoidance. While we advocate gambling more so than most, we also advocate that players take measures to protect their health. As such, we recommend avoiding live casinos for the rest of the year. Instead, register at some of the best online casinos in Australia. You can still play all of your favorite games and stay safe as the pandemic plays out.