Game of the Week – 7 Days Anotherland

A growing segment of online gaming is Bitcoin pokies, also known as BTC pokies. For these games you can play with Bitcoin to win more Bitcoin. 7 Days Anotherland is a popular BTC pokie available at some Australian online casinos.

Today we will take a look at the game, its features, and what you can expect in the way of payouts.

Spooky Otherworldly Theme

7 Days Anotherland is a 5-Reel, 100 payline video pokie from Belatra Games. This game is primarily a BTC pokie, meaning that you will use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to play the game. The game features a spooky, otherworldly theme filled with magical and mystical symbols like witches, enchanted swords, minotaurs, and more.

Anotherland 7 Days Main Game

The graphics and sound are average to a bit above average with a spooky background track playing during each spin. I do like the background as it sets the mood nicely for the game.

At first glance, the payout table looks a bit weak as you have to get 5 of a kind for most symbols to get a profitable payout. However, since this is a 100 lines game, you will get multi-line wins more often. The game also has a couple of features that can help you snag a massive win.

Free Spins Game

The Howling Wolf is the scatter for this game. Get three on the board and you will unlock the free games feature. For this feature, you will get seven free spins. At the start of the free spins, you will receive a random number of wild orbs on your board. You will get between 3 and 10. These orbs remain in place during the entire game.

Anotherland 7 Days Free Games

We were able to unlock this feature and received seven wild orbs. They all stacked on the last two reels, and we only made a winning combination on two spins. As such, we only received about 9x our bet. Hardly worth the effort to chase the free spins game.

7 Days Feature

This game has the popular 7 Days feature that will allow you the opportunity to unlock larger wins. The concept is simple. Each day, you have a goal to unlock the free spins game. If you unlock it, you achieve your goal for the day.

As you move on to the second day and beyond, you get the chance to unlock additional wild orbs for use in the free games feature. If you unlock the free games feature for seven days in a row, you unlock three additional wilds to give you up to 13 wilds during the free spins game. Should you miss a day or fail to make the free games feature in a particular day, the feature resets and you start over.

7 Days Feature

However, for those that play every day. After you unlock the free games feature for 7 days in a row, you can keep the streak going. From Day 8 forward, the game pretends you’re still on Day 7. If you continue to unlock free games, you will get up to 13 free wild orbs at the start of your spins. For example, if you play for 15 days straight, from days 8 through 15, all free games will have a chance for 13 wild orbs.

This feature is best for those that play every day. We didn’t test this for seven days, but based on our testing, you will have to invest quite a bit of time and money to unlock all of the wild orbs. Those that are willing to put in the time and money may be rewarded handsomely.

7 Days Anotherland Best for High Variance Players

7 Days Anotherland isn’t the type of game you’ll play if you’re looking to stretch out an online casino bonus. It is better for high variance players who are looking for that massive big win. According to Belatra Games, the free games feature has odds of 1:173. As such, those with small bankrolls probably should pick a low volatility pokie.

However, if you don’t mind putting in the time and effort to unlock the 7 Days feature, this game could give you a nice bankroll boost. 7 Days Anotherland is available at Woo Casino and online casinos offering pokies from Belatra Games.