How Australian Mobile Casinos Power the Online Gambling Industry


Australian mobile casinos have been steadily growing over the years. However, the rise of the smartphone certainly has propelled the growth of online gambling in Australia. Despite the decrease in the number of sports bettors in the last few years, the number of gamblers using their mobile devices for gambling online has increased.

Australian Mobile Casinos

What the Research Says About Australian Mobile Casinos

An Australian market research company based in Melbourne, Roy Morgan, has compiled its latest report on the gaming industry. They found that the number of Australians using their mobile apps to gamble on Australian mobile casinos has more than quadrupled. Since 2012 were 5,6% of Australians gambling online were doing so on a mobile device, there has been a 17,1 % increase.

The research shows that the number of people actually betting at online gambling casinos has dropped from 3.7 million in 2012 to 3.4 million in 2018.  Nonetheless, the number of Australians gambling online has doubled from 15,7 % to just over 34% in 2018. This is due to how easily accessible Australian mobile casinos have made online gambling.

Australian mobile casino gambling is an ever-growing industry. However, most of the gamblers in Australia are not using the online gambling platforms to bet. Mobile casino companies need to target more of this readily available market to maximise their returns. A great number of Australians already conduct most of their personal business and transactions on a mobile device, so why not one of Australia’s favourite pastime of gambling.

Australian Mobile Gambling Major Players

The majority of Australia’s mobile gamblers use the existing large gaming companies like Sportsbet and Tabcorp. Likely the mobile betting monopoly exists because Australians gambling on mobile apps trust that these established online gambling companies are safe and secure.

There are many other mobile online gambling sites that are licenced, safe and secure. Australians looking to try the exciting and convenient world of mobile casinos online should head to for our top list of the best Australian online casinos.