Mobile Betting Gaining Popularity

Mobile Betting Boosts Aussie Online Gambling – AU Betting News

An Australian research company, Roy Morgan, has released new data about online gambling. According to their research, mobile betting is becoming more popular. This has, in fact, boosted the online gambling industry. However, the data also shows that fewer Aussies are actually gambling. These mobile bets were made by 3.4 million Aussies up to March of this year.

According to the research firm, these Aussies placed bets on sporting events and various racing events. When compared to the same period in 2012, this is roughly 300 000 less people gambling on such events. Their data also reveals that more players are turning to online gambling, with a 50% increase to 34.1% of Australians.

At the moment, one fifth of Australians use mobile devices to place bets. In 2012, this was only 5.6% of citizens. Additionally, 15.1% of residents still used a computer to place wagers.

Mobile Betting Boosts Aussie Online Gambling – AU Betting News

Mobile Betting in Australia

With statistics increasing for the Australian online gambling industry, there is a slight concern over addiction or problem gambling. However, the decline in gamblers shows that measures are having an effect. New gambling reforms might also influence this number by 2024. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees of a decline in the number of players.

Mobile Betting Operators

So, why is online gambling becoming so popular? Well, Roy Morgan is of the opinion that the online gambling market has consolidated since 2012. At the moment, their data reveals that two operators are leading this. Tabcorp Holdings is one of these operators, and their website was used by 17.4% of the 34.1% of online gamblers. The second most popular operator is, who makes up 12.9% of that sector. CrownBet is currently third, coming in at 6.5%.

In 2018, a number of operators with mobile betting options have changed hands. This includes the recent purchase of CrownBet by the Stars Group and Paddy Power’s takeover of Sportsbet. Additionally, the merger between Tabcorp and Tatts has consolidated a lot of online gambling. So, keep visiting Sun Vegas Casino for updates on the mobile betting and gambling markets.