5 Times You Should Avoid Online Casino Bonuses

Avoiding Online Casino Bonuses

You already know that online casino bonuses are a great way to extend your bankroll at online casinos. However, there are times where you will want to forego depositing with a casino bonus. In these scenarios, it is better that you make a standard deposit and not worry about a bonus.

You Don’t Play Pokies

The majority of online casino bonuses you’ll see are tied directly or indirectly to online pokies. Some sites like Uptown Pokies will tailor their offers exclusively to pokies and keno. You’re unable to use the bonuses for other games.

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For other casinos, it is almost a waste of time to play anything other than pokies. For example, most casinos only allow bets on blackjack to contribute 15% to a wagering requirement. That means you have to bet $15 in order to get the same benefit as betting $1 on pokies.

If you don’t play pokies, most casino bonuses are a waste of time. You’ll be better off depositing normally.

Playthrough Is Too High for Online Casino Bonuses

If you read the terms and conditions for online casino bonuses, you’ll notice the playthrough. This is how many times you have to wager your bonus before you cash out. Some casinos only make your play through the bonus amount while others make you play through both the bonus and deposit.

The best offers are those that have a playthrough from 25x to 40x total. If you see an offer that has a 30x playthrough on both the bonus and deposit, that’s an effective 60x playthrough. A good rule of thumb for a bonus is to avoid any bonus that has a playthrough of 50x or higher. If the playthrough is 50x or greater, just deposit normally without a bonus.

You Play High Stakes

Going back to the terms and conditions of most bonuses, you’ll find that you’re limited in how much you can bet while playing on the bonus. This is anywhere from $2.50 up to $5 per bet. Some bonuses are so tight that if you make any bet above the cap, you lose the entire bonus.

This effectively disqualifies high-stakes players from using casino bonuses. If you play above $5 per spin or hand, then you will be better off avoiding deposit bonuses. Be careful with “High Roller Deposit Bonuses.” These bonuses may seem like they are for high rollers, but they are just for those that make large deposits. The terms will often still limit you to smaller stakes.

You Chase Progressive Jackpots

If you play progressive jackpots, don’t bother with a bonus. There are a couple of reasons. First, some casinos will limit the amount you can cash out using a bonus. This is usually around $500. Even if it is more liberal, like $5,000, you will still not be able to play progressive jackpot pokies effectively.

Aurum Codex Jackpot Won

Next, if you play a free spins bonus and happen to win a jackpot, that jackpot is now subject to the playthrough. If you win a $50,000 jackpot with a 10x playthrough, you will have to wager $500,000 before you cash out. Again, avoid bonuses if you plan to play progressive jackpots.

You Don’t Play Enough to Clear Online Casino Bonuses

Most online casino bonuses have a time limit for redemption. Many will let you have 30 days to clear your bonus. However, some will restrict you to 72 hours or less. If you’re a person that plays online casino games infrequently, then depositing with a bonus may not be for you.

If you deposit $100 and get a $200 bonus with a 40x playthrough, you must wager $8,000 to cash out. For those that play once or twice a week for a limited amount of time, you simply will not be able to put in enough volume to clear your bonus. You’ll be better off depositing normally without a bonus.