Tips for Avoiding COVID-19 in Live Casinos


The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting every part of our daily routine. For those that are still playing at live casinos, you need to take extra precautions to stay healthy and avoid the potential spread of the virus.

Today we will give you some tips for avoiding COVID-19 at live casinos. Please take these to heart as this pandemic shows few signs of slowing down.

Wash Your Hands Regularly to Prevent COVID-19

While it may sound silly to tell adults to wash their hands regularly, there are many people that still don’t heed this advice. Washing your hands is not just rinsing them under a faucet but using soap and water for an extended period of time.

A couple of suggestions include singing “Happy Birthday” or quoting the opening to Star Trek. This is sufficient to help kill germs on your hands. Also, it is recommended that you wash them regularly and not just after using the bathroom.

Since you will come into contact with a lot of surfaces or handle a lot of casino chips, washing your hands every hour or so is not unreasonable.

Limit Exposure to Table Games or Live Poker

Table games and live poker present multiple ways for players to spread germs around. Cards are regularly dealt between players and casino chips are among the dirtiest items you will find in a casino. As such, you should limit the amount of time you play these games.

Don’t count on the casino to disinfect their chips. Even if they do, that is only good for a limited amount of time. After a few hours, you’re still at the same risk as you would if chips were not cleaned.

Also, wash your hands after playing table games and live poker.

Don’t Sit Right Next to Other Players When Possible

Some casinos are limiting the number of pokies that are in operation by turning off every other machine. This forces people to practice social distancing. However, you can take this a step further and avoiding rows of machines that have players.

In most cases, you can find other rows with the games you want to play but without someone sitting on the row. This is another way to practice social distancing and limit your exposure.

Again, don’t forget to wash your hands after playing pokies.

Don’t Eat or Shop at the Casino to Avoid COVID-19

Another way to limit your exposure at the casino is to avoid eating or shopping at the casino. Shopping is less problematic as there are generally fewer people in the gift shops. However, restaurants and other food stops are potential breeding grounds for disease.

If you must eat at the casino, consider using takeout options or having the food delivered to you. Definitely avoid the buffet at all costs as this is where you will find the most traffic and the greatest risk for infection.

Go Home and Play at Australian Online Casinos

While this is going to seem cliche, the best option for staying safe at the casino is to avoid live casinos altogether. Playing at Australian online casinos will allow you to enjoy your favorite online casino games without risking COVID-19 infection. Furthermore, you will actually save some money by playing from home.

For starters, you don’t have to invest as much to play. A small sum like $50 to $100 is more than enough to play at online casinos. Take advantage of online casino bonuses and you will get a little extra cash to play with. You also avoid the ancillary costs associated with live casinos, such as food, drinks, and tips.

Miss the live interaction of live casinos? Why not try some Live Dealer casino games. Casinos such as Ignition Casino offer Live Dealer Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more. You can interact with dealers and other players just as you would at a live casino, but without risking infection.

Finally, don’t forget to wash your hands. Even if you play at home, you should still practice proper hygiene. That way you stay vigilant for when you are not playing from home.