Germany Legalizes Online Gambling

German Parliament Legalizes Online Gambling

Like Australia, Germany has long been a region where online gambling is largely illegal. That has now changed as the German parliament has approved new regulations that will legalize both online casino games and online poker in Germany.

While the parliament has passed online gambling, it will go into effect until July 2021. However, online gambling companies are already applying for licenses, meaning that the market will explode once launched.

German Parliament Legalizes Online Casino Gambling

News broke on Tuesday that the German parliament has given approval for new gambling regulations that will go into effect starting July 2021. These regulations will legalize both online poker and online casino gambling throughout the country.

While parliament has passed these new regulations, they still must be ratified by the 16 federal parliaments and then sent to the European Commission for their approval. This is one reason that online gambling will not launch until July 2021.

While online casino gambling and online poker will be regulated, there will be some restrictions in place for players. First, players will not be able to deposit more than €1,000 each month. Betting limits on online pokies will be limited to €1 per spin.

Also, there will be limits on online operators to how they advertise their products. Broadcast media advertisements will only be allowed from 9 pm to 6 am daily. Operators must promote Pokies separately from table games like blackjack or roulette.

The restriction on advertising has been a controversial one. German media company VAUNET has spoken out against this practice. They believe that restrictions will hurt regulated brands as they will not be able to advertise to key demographics during prime hours. This will lead to decreased revenue by regulated brands.

30 Online Applications Already Filed

As expected, the demand for online gambling licenses in Germany will be high. Those wishing to apply for licensing must send an application to Hesse. So far, regulators have reported that 30 operators have applied for licenses. None have been approved as of yet. However, there are also at least 20 more operators that indicate they will apply for licenses.

The new regulators will also form a new gambling regulator that will be based in Saxony-Anhalt. Several states applied for the right to host the body. Future applications and the administration of those licenses will go through the new regulatory body.

We don’t know at this time how regulations will impact the way operators handle certain areas such as online casino bonuses or even the types of games offered. The restriction on the amount per spin could force operators to abandon certain forms of games, such as progressive jackpot pokies.

Australia Needs to Take Note

Germany has long been a nation that has outlawed most forms of online gambling, similar to Australia. This new step forward by the parliament is monumental as it gives players the freedom to gamble online. While companies will be regulated by the government, it is still preferable to the situation in Australia.

Australia online casinos are illegal under current laws and the government is actively looking to block any online casinos still serving Aussie players. Regulating online gambling would give players the freedom to play and provide extensive protection to players. It’s not that players don’t want to gamble. They do. They simply lack a safe and legal environment to do so.

For those in Germany or want to go to German to gamble, you will have to wait at least a year. New regulations take time to establish and companies need to launch their products. How Germany proceeds can serve as a case study for Australia and show them the benefits of regulating online casino gambling.