Crown Perth to Trial Cashless Table Transaction

Crown Perth Casino

Crown Perth is always looking to stay current with modern society and that includes how players pay for online gambling. According to recent reports, the casino will begin a trial on Monday that will allow players to buy casino chips directly from select gambling tables.

This will allow players to easily purchase chips without making extra trips to the casino cage. Naturally, there are those that believe this will bring harm to gamblers.

Crown Perth to Accept Debit Cards at Tables

News broke on Thursday that Crown Perth will begin accepting debit cards at live gaming tables starting Monday, July 27. Under the trial, select table games will allow players to purchase chips directly using their debit cards rather than getting up and going back to the casino cage.

According to Crown. “In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift to the use of cashless payment methods in our community. This trend has now accelerated because of COVID-19.

As a result of this shift; Crown Perth sought and was granted approval for the installation of EFTPOS debit facilities for chips on table games. Credit cards will not be allowed and transaction limits will apply. Crown will commence a trial on a small number of gaming tables on Monday.”

Debit Card Transaction Crown Casino

During the trial, players will be limited to withdrawing AU$500 during any given day while at the tables. Only select table games will be available. Those tables were not listed but one can assume that select blackjack and roulette tables will be among those using the system.

As Crown reported, cashless systems are indeed on the rise globally as people are looking to social distance. In America, a coin shortage has forced many businesses to require exact change or customers to use debit cards. Walmart stores are no longer accepting cash due to this.

The Gaming & Waging Commission has approved the trial. In a statement released by the Commission, they said, “As part of the Commission’s approval to enable Crown to use cashless payments to purchase gaming chips at designated locations, the Commission requires Crown to provide a report on the use of the facility at the completion of the first three months of operation.”

Anti-Gambling Pundits Oppose Program

As one expects after an announcement like this, anti-gambling pundits are against this move by Crown. One such expert, Dr. Charles Livingston, states that this program is a “very dangerous proposition.” The reason behind this is that players are not given the opportunity to leave the tables, which sometimes results in a player deciding to leave rather than continue playing.

If there weren’t multiple player protections in place for this program, he might have a point. However, players can only use debit cards at the tables at this time. This prevents them from racking up debt from credit cards.

Also, a limit of $500 is in place. It’s not like players are going to be racking up thousands of dollars per day against their checking or savings account. Lastly, there is a limit on the number of tables available for the test.

The Crown is correct in offering cashless options for their customers. There are many businesses that are offering cashless payment options to their customers. If we can have contactless delivery for food and other items, why not for live gambling.

Of course, you always have the option of gambling at Australian online casinos. You can deposit with any form of currency or you can deposit using Bitcoin. You never have to worry about coming into contact with another person and the number of online casino games offered online far exceeds that in live casinos.