Lottoland Wins Pair of Lawsuits Over “Powerball” Draws

Lottoland Company Logo

Online gambling companies are often the subject of lawsuits, usually by players that are unhappy with losing. On occasion, the complaints are justified, while other times the cases are paper thin. The latest appears to be the case in a pair of cases against betting company Lottoland.

The company recently was cleared of wrongdoing by the Northern Territory’s Racing Commission in two cases. Both times, players claim that they were tricked into betting on games that they believed were Powerball lottery games.

Players Sue Lottoland After Claiming to Win Powerball Jackpots

Lottoland has recently been battling multiple lawsuits over “deceptive practices” regarding jackpot draws. In both cases, plaintiffs claims that Lottoland is deceptively advertising jackpot games as Powerball draws. In both cases, the plaintiffs thought they had won Powerball but did not.

The first is a case in early 2020. A player known as Ms. B claimed to have won AU$126 million after selecting the correct numbers in what she thought was a Powerball draw. Instead, she had entered a “THU Jackpot” draw. The THU Jackpot game has nothing to do with Powerball. Draws are on Thursday, the same day as Powerball, but that is all.

The other case comes from later this year when a man going by Mr. O thought he won AU$238 million in what he thought was a Powerball drawing. The competition was a “US Power” draw, which has nothing to do with US Powerball.

In both cases, the plaintiffs claim that Lottoland deceived them in playing.

Plaintiffs Claim Misleading Advertising in Suit

It is not uncommon for Lottoland to encounter players who are confused over its offerings. After all, with the name Lottoland, you’d think they have lottery draws. Instead, they do not offer lottery games with random number drawings.

Plaintiffs in the cases against Lottoland are claiming that the company is using deceptive advertising with their jackpot games. They say that the logos used in the contests look similar to those used in Powerball competitions.

Lottoland Company Logo

Lottoland outright denies these claims, stating that the logos are not similar. Also, the company has not used the Powerball word in their products since 2016. Furthermore, Lottoland does not even take bets on international lotteries. They stopped this practice after federal rules prevented the company from doing so.

The products presently offered on the website involve betting on outcomes of global financial markets. This has nothing to do with Powerball or any other lottery product.

Something else to note, according to Lottoland, both plaintiffs filed their lawsuits shortly after the US Powerball draws, casting doubt on whether their claims are legitimate.

Powerball Cleared of Wrongdoing

Not surprisingly, the Racing Commission rejected the claims from both plaintiffs, effectively clearing LottoLand of any wrongdoing in the case. All one has to do is check the website and its advertising to see the validity of the plaintiff’s claims, and it appears that the Commission sides with Lottoland.

It is unknown whether the plaintiffs truly felt they were tricked, or if they were trying to backdoor their way into a payday or even a settlement. All games on Lottoland and other sites clearly state the type of game available. It is the responsibility of players to determine which games they are playing.

To win a case such as the recent cases, plaintiffs will have to prove blatant deception by the company. That was not the case in this instance. Regardless of whether you’re playing lottery games, online pokies, or online casino games, players are responsible for knowing what they are playing. Blaming the casino or website for a lack of comprehension is a thin defense that seldom wins.