New South Wales Extends 2018 Responsible Gambling Awareness Week

image of new south wales government logo responsible gambling week

The Australian New South Wales (NSW) territory is extending its 2018 Responsible Gambling Awareness Week campaign. This is to encourage residents to reflect on their gambling habits and whether they need to make a change. The initiative will now be running until the end of October, an extension on the October 8 to October 14 period.

image of problem gambling responsible gambling week

Reflecting on Responsible Gambling

The initiative is run by the NSW government with various community organisations taking part in spreading the message. They are working on providing the NSW community with information and practical advice on how to deal with problem gambling. Furthermore, the Office of Responsible Gambling has developed many programs that promote proper gambling habits, prevent addiction, and deal with other gambling-related disorders.

Non-denominational Christian charity organisation Mission Australia is providing a number of communities in NSW and across the country with help and information about betting. It is also encouraging residents of Kempsey and Macleay Valley to think about their relationship with gambling and the choice they make. According to Mission Australia, Responsible Gambling Week comes at the perfect time which is after the ALF Grand Final in September and before the Melbourne Cup in November.

Mission Australia will host a morning tea get-together to discuss information on responsible gambling, at the Kempsey Library at 10:00. They will encourage responsible gambling behaviours and provide information and advice.

Policy Action Towards Reducing Problem Gambling

The Strategic Plan for 2018-2022 was released earlier this year by the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling. According to the report, 54.6% of NSW’s population has taken part in some form of gambling in the past 12 months up to June 2018. The favourite gambling activity amongst residence being both lottery games and instant scratch cards. While on the other hand, 20% of NSW’s population played pokies and other games. Thirdly, 19% of NSW residents took part in sports betting.

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