Online Video Poker, just like traditional poker, is a card game played by two or more players who place bets based on the cards they are dealt. A player wins the pool by having the highest hand at the end of the round or by having other players concede before revealing their hand, often by means of a bluff.  Online Video Poker combines the skill of traditional poker with the excitement of all the favourite Australian pokie games. Online Video Poker is a stand-off between the player and the dealer. Online Video Poker, which simply is the digitalisation of poker, has a pokie-type feel to it. Australian players can enjoy some sparkling rewards when they win.

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Online Video Poker- How is it Played?

Online Video Poker is relatively simple to play when playing Video Poker, players are given 5 random cards which they can choose to keep or discard. The cards that the player discards will be replaced with random cards. The player will win or lose based on the card hand they have based on the 5 cards they have been dealt. Let’s take a look at some of the common terminology used when playing Video Poker so you can understand how this game is played.

Online Video Poker History 

Like most casino games, the history of the origin of Poker is very unclear, however, there are a number of theories that seek to explain the origin of Poker. The origins of Poker can be traced back to the 16th century from a game referred to as As Nas, a Persian game. In this game, players would bet according to the value of their card hand. Another theory traces the origin of Poker to a Spanish game referred to as Primero which is believed to highly resemble the game of Poker as we know it today. It was not until the 17th and 18th century that Poker was introduced to Europe. Poker then also made its way to Germany. Over the years Poker has evolved and led to a number of variations of the game such as Caribbean Stud Poker, 5 Card Draw and Texas Holdém. Slip on your sunglasses and prepare to be dazzled by the variety of Online Video Poker games. The games that are on offer are certain to melt the iciest Poker Face.

Image of Poker Cards

Online Video Poker Terminology

To become a Poker pro, you have to understand some of the terminology used when playing this game. Below is a list of some terminologies that you will encounter in a game of poker:

  • Ante: This is the wager all poker players need to place in order to have cards dealt to them
  • Check: This is an option that is available in some variations of Poker where a player can request a new set of 5 cards if they feel their first hand is not good enough.
  • Raise: This is when a player increases the bet needed to continue playing the Poker game, players often do this when they have a good hand or want other players to think they have a good hand.
  • Fold: This is when a player who does not think they have a good hand refuses to increase the wager and puts their cards down. This player will not win either, neither will they lose any more chips.
  • Bluff: This is a tactic often used by some players when they don’t have a good hand but want to bet high so the other players think the player has a good hand. Players should, however, note that this tactic does not always work.
  • Call: This is when a player bets and another player puts the same amount so they can go to the next round together.

Online Video Poker vs Land Based Poker

There is absolutely no difference when it comes to the actual gameplay of video poker. The difference is that one version you need to go to a casino or gambling house in Australia in order to play and one you can sit in the comfort of your own home and play in your pyjamas if you want to. Advantages of Online Video Poker is not only can you play from the comfort of your home or on your mobile but, Online Casinos offer safer banking options, with security being a top priority, meaning all your personal information stays safe and encrypted.

Top Variations of Online Video Poker

In general, Video Poker is based on 5 Card Draw Poker and there are a number of variations such as:

  • Jacks or Better: This is the most common Video Poker as it is the easiest one to learn. The payout for a full house is 9 times the bet you make and 6 times for a flush.
  • 3 Card Video Poker: Here you will receive 5 times the bet you make for a flush and 4 times for a three of a kind.
  • All Aces Video Poker: Here the payouts are lower the Jacks or better, with a full house being 7 times the bet and 5 times for a flush.
  • Bonus Deuces Wild: Here you will be able to play with two wilds (wilds allow you to substitute any card you have)
  • Texas Hold’em Bonus Video Poker: If you bet blind in this game and get a Royal Flush, you will win a whopping 500 times your bet and for a straight flush 50 times your bet.

There are other types of Video Poker, however, the above are the top ones found at almost all Online Casinos throughout Australia.

Image of Online Video Poker

Online Video Poker Frequently Asked Questions

Online Video Poker is very popular among Australian players. Many players have a number of questions when it comes to Online Video Poker. These questions will be answered below:

Why Should I Play Online Video Poker?

Online Video Poker is a fairly simple casino game to play. All that players have to do is press a button to play the game. Online Video Poker players have found online Video Poker games to be more rewarding, offering big cash prizes.

Are Online Video Poker Games Fair?

Absolutely, Online Video Poker games have a Random Number Generator(RNG) which ensures that the results of the games are totally random and not tempered with. Players are guaranteed a fair casino experience when they play Online Video Poker.

Where Can I Play Online Video Poker?

Online Video Poker is available at a number of real money online casinos on the internet. Players should, however, make sure that they choose a licensed and registered online casino to make sure that they have a safe and secure gaming experience. Online Casinos that are regulated by a third party such as eCOGRA are legitimate casinos as they have been evaluated for fair practice.

Is Online Video Poker Better Than Poker in Land-Based Casinos?

If you are looking for convenience, Online Video Poker is definitely the best option for you. Instead of travelling to a land-based casino, you can simply play Online Video Poker in the comfort of your own home on your desktop or mobile device.