Premier Roulette: Top Australian Roulette

Premier Roulette is based on European Roulette where the numbers are based with a single zero, numbered from 0-36. The game is in total Realistic 3D, and is photo-perfect, giving you the look and feel of being in the actual casino, and not playing virtually. In addition, the game offers various options that allow you to personalize your game-play and make it into your very own gaming paradise.

An Image of Premier Roulette

Premier Roulette on Game modes

You can play in “expert” mode as well as using the “edit layout” option where you can save up to five of your favourite betting options in order to speed up your betting process on Premier Roulette. You can also speed up the wheel to make your games go even faster with the “Turbo” feature. Another great option that is available is that you can change colours of the background and the Roulette Wheel to ones that you prefer. If you want an up close and personal view of the game, you have the option of Zooming in on the Roulette Wheel so you can see the numbers as close as if you were right at the Roulette Table.

An Image of Premier Roulette gameplay

Easy to Play: Premier Roulette

The game of Premier Roulette is as easy to play, as it is beautiful to play on. As with any usual game of Roulette, you can bet on a single number or colour, or multiple numbers and colours. You can make single or multiple bets. Your winnings are all dependent on the fall of the ball and you could be the Premier Roulette-player of the season. You are going to love the look and feel of this exciting game as well as the winnings that you are going to walk away with.