Three Card Poker for Australian Gamblers


Three card poker is a table game that most Aussie players have become familiar with. It is played with a standard 52-card deck. This table game is based on poker and is said to be the most profitable proprietary table game. This is when it is measured by wins generated for online casinos or by money generated for the rights owners.

How to Play – Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker has three betting circles in from of each base. Pair Plus is the top betting circle. This is where the player punts on the pair plus game. Under that, there are two circles named Ante and Play for the base game. The first wager must be equal to the table minimum.

Once all players have placed their wagers, the house will deal each player a three-card hand. The game begins when the first player to the dealer’s left plays and then it continues clockwise around the table.


After looking at the cards, the player must either play or fold. When the player chooses to fold, their Ante wager will be forfeited. Should the player continue, an extra wager in the play circle corresponding to their Ante bet must be made. The rest of the other players must then make their decisions.

The dealer reveals the hand. In this hand, they must have the Queen or higher in order for the casino game to continue. If there is no Queen, the wagers will be refunded to the players and any winning will be paid out.

If the dealer has the Queen, then all the hands will be compared. Any hand that beats the dealer’s hand wins. If the dealer’s hand wins, the players lose all wagers. The player wins if there is a tie.

Ante Bonus

Extra winnings on the ante bet are awarded an Ante bonus if the player has a strong hand. This is awarded whether the dealer qualifies or not, even if the player’s hand beats the dealer’s hand. Different amounts are paid out depending on how strong the player’s hand is.


Where to Play Three Card Poker

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Three Card Poker Strategies

There are various ways to have the upper hand in three-card poker. One of the best is ways is when a player raises when they have a Queen, 6 and 4 hand. The reason this hand is an optimal strategy is that its expected loss is lower than any of the other strategies.

Three Card Poker Australia

An example would be the Queen, 7 and 3 hand which is higher than the former. Normally the higher hand gets paid first however if the player decides to raise, the expected is higher than that of the Queen, 6 and 4 hand.


There are various rules that apply to three-card poker. Some of them are location specific but are pretty easy to follow. Three-card poker is one of the simplest poker variations, and we recommend you try it out at one on the top-rated online casinos we recommend from time to time.